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Yanks Win First Game Of Series Against Boston



Bronx, NY – It wasn’t a pretty game but at least the New York Yankees concluded the month of August with a much-needed 6-2 win over their bitter rivals, the Boston Red Sox.

Leading the way for the Bronx Bombers was their starting pitcher CC Sabathia. Starting his 250th game as Yankee, Sabathia pitched 6.0 solid innings. Outside of surrendering one earned run and four hits, Sabathia struck out six batters in 102 pitches thrown tonight.

Complimenting Sabathia in his 11th win of the season was the offense as they out-slugged Boston by 10 runs as they finished the game with a 14-4 advantage. At one point in the game, Boston lead New York 1-0. With one mighty swing from Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez, he leveled the game at 1-1 with his 28th home run of the season.

From there, the Yanks would score five addition runs including a two-run homer from Greg Bird before Boston scored their final run in a gut-wrenching 9th inning where Yankees pitcher Dellin Betances struggled in the early going as he hit two batters and surrendered a forced walk-in-run before finishing the game with his restored composure.

With three games left in this series, the Yankees need to win every game. Now that the Minnesota Twins have started to play decent baseball, the Yanks are not only in danger of handing the Red Sox the American League East crown, they’re in position of surrendering their Wild Card spot. After being swept by the Cleveland Indians, the Yankees wild card lead is down to one. To make matters worse, the Twins have won five consecutive games.

With one more month of the 2017 MLB Regular Season, I want to thank my team of writers and photographers for all their hard work this season. Covering one team at home is a lot of work. Weekend schedule varies and even if a game ended in under three hours, there’s the postgame game work that goes into it.

If covering one team at home is a challenge, then covering two teams at their ballparks in the same season is even more grueling because it becomes a 162 game season. When one team is away, the other is at home and travel, schedule and routine changes. Nevertheless, we endure the grind because as I remind the guys on a regular basis, we’re in a position billions of sports fans will never experience on a regular basis.

When it’s said and done, I respect my guys.

Considering how many of them have other occupations and responsibilities, their A+ effort is the reason why our small publication is given the same respect and access as the Media Goliaths who we’re definitely not competing against. The reason we work well is because we either directly or indirectly support each other. When one is tired or ill, someone steps up and vice verse. The guys know how much I appreciate and value their consistency and dedication. With that said, it’s time for me to leave Yankee Stadium.

Game Summary: Thursday, August 31, 2017

  • FINAL SCORE: Yankees 6, Red Sox 2
  • WINNING PITCHER: CC Sabathia (11-5)
  • LOSING PITCHER: Eduardo Rodriguez (4-5)
  • Save: None
  • HOME RUNS (Yanks): Gary Sanchez (28th HR/3rd Inning), Greg Bird (3rd HR/6th Inning)
  • HOME RUNS (Red Sox): None
  • ATTENDANCE: 43,309
  • TIME: 3:44


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