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When Yanks Win So Does The Local Merchants


Bronx, NY – Yesterday after leaving Yankee Stadium close to midnight I walked home and saw a scene I had not seen in many years. I saw thousands of fans that were still outside in the immediate community surrounding the stadium celebrating the Yankee victory over the Cleveland Indians forcing a game five.

161st Street and River Ave (Rivera Blvd) looked like a weekend evening street festival with fans lingering and patronizing many of the stores and street merchants on both River Avenue and 161st Street. Hard to believe it was a late Monday (early Tuesday).

McDonalds, the Pizza parlor, Vega Baja Bar, were all packed with fans. Billy’s Sports Bar & Grill and its adjacent huge Disco dance floor was full of partying fans that was too reminiscent of the old days when a Yankee Division Series, or World Series victory would have the streets outside Yankee stadium looking like a Mardi Gras festival.

It was a pleasant site to see the lights, the excitement and the fans celebrating past midnight, but no one enjoyed that more than the local merchants who have been waiting for these moments to return now for several seasons.

Yesterday was just a teaser of what could eventually come if the Yankees pull off a game five victory in Cleveland. I know all Yankee fans are rooting for a Yankee victory, but no one is probably rooting for that more than the local merchants that are now in need of greater revenues to pay off the increasing rents due to another type of game, the game of gentrification taking place in this community.

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