Yasiel Puig's Story Is So Crazy You Can't Make This Up


Yasiel Puig’s Story Is So Crazy You Can’t Make This Up


This is the type of stuff for a hollywood movie. It’s no secret that many Cuban baseball players have defected like José Contreras, Liván Hernández, Orlando “El Duque” Hernández and José Abreu just to name a few. However this story is so crazy that It should be made into a movie because this crazy story would probably make a great feature film.

Jesse Katz, over at Los Angeles Magazine has a story in which he attempts to reconstruct Yasiel Puig’s journey from Cuba to the major leagues. What is known so far is what makes this story crazier than you could imagine.

  • He was brought to Mexico and stashed in a dingy motel for weeks by a group of smugglers with ties to Mexican drug cartels
  • A small-time crook from Miami named Raul Pacheco promised to pay the smugglers $250,000 to deliver Puig, who would then give Pacheco 20 percent of his future contract earnings
  • Something went wrong during the negotiating process, and Puig (and Despaigne) were essentially held hostage by the smugglers while they shopped Puig around to various agents
  • Puig was eventually rescued from the motel by a group of men hired by Pacheco to stage a kidnapping at the motel and get Puig out of there
  • Still wanting their money, the smugglers threatened Despaigne and his mother, claiming they’d harm them and Puig unless they were paid
  • One of the smugglers, Leo, was killed execution-style after Puig allegedly asked a business associate of his, Gilberto Suarez, to help him make the threats stop
  • After Puig and Despaigne’s falling out, one of Puig’s former teammates turned Despaigne’s brother in to the Cuban authorities, claiming that he tried to convince him to defect

SOURCE: Deadspin

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