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ZiKa Puts MLB Game In Puerto Rico In Question.


It’s hard for me to believe that a mosquito can cause Major League Baseball to cancel a baseball series in Puerto Rico?

But, yet it’s true. The Zika virus that has been hitting many Caribbean and South American countries is now putting a series between the Pirates and Marlins to be played in Puerto Rico on May 30-31 in Jeopardy.

I recently returned from the island where we spent 3 weeks in several parts of the island. We went from modern upscale San Juan to the woods of Vieques Island, the countryside of Cabo Rojo and the remote, deserted island, Isla Ratón off the coast of Cabo Rojo.  Yes, some mosquitoes bit us as they usually do when you are in typical warm climates and in the woods, but it was nothing out of the ordinary and we never felt mosquitoes in San Juan.

The scheduled baseball series is to be played at the Hiram Bithorn stadium in San Juan, a far cry away from the woods and off the beaten path areas that we had visited. The players and their families will be put up in some of the best hotels in San Juan and their families will probably be shopping at Plaza De Las Americas, the most upscale and developed Mall in the Caribbean. They will also be eating in some of the best restaurants in the Caribbean. I just don’t see what the fear is for players to be so concerned about a mosquito rather than a 90 plus an hour fastball moving faster in the Caribbean heat.

For the sake of the game, I do hope that MLB can have a better orientation for the players than the one that got them all hyped up about playing in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Ricans are avid baseball fans and celebrating Roberto Clemente Day in Puerto Rico during an MLB game on the island will be a great tribute that should not be cancelled for a mosquito that will not be a threat to the players and their families. Roberto Clemente sacrificed much more to help expand the game, the players should consider sacrificing a bit themselves.

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