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2022 Cy Young Winners Announced for AL & NL

SANDY ALCANTARA, Miami Marlins  

Here are the voting results of the 2022 National League Cy Young Award. Ballots from two writers in each league city prior to postseason play are tabulated on a system that rewards seven points for first place, four points for second place, three points for third place, two votes for fourth place and one point for fifth place.

NL Cy Young Award 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Points
Sandy Alcantara, Marlins 30 210
Max Fried, Braves 10 7 5 1 72
Julio Urías, Dodgers 7 9 5 1 66
Aaron Nola, Phillies 5 6 4 2 48
Zac Gallen, Diamondbacks 3 5 6 6 45
Carlos Rodón, Giants 3 1 4 7 30
Corbin Burnes, Brewers 1 2 1 8 20
Yu Darvish, Padres 3 1 7
Edwin Díaz, Mets 1 2 6
Kyle Wright, Braves 1 1 3
Logan Webb, Giants 1 2
Ryan Helsley, Cardinals 1 1

            The election marks the 15th time a National League pitcher has been unanimous in the voting. Alcantara joins a list featuring Sandy Koufax three times (1963, ‘65-66), Greg Maddux twice (1994-95) and once each by Clayton Kershaw (2014), Roy Halladay (2010), Jake Peavy (2007), Randy Johnson (2002), Orel Hershiser (1988), Dwight Gooden (1985), Rick Sutcliffe (1984), Steve Carlton (1972) and Bob Gibson (1968).

The American League has had a unanimous winner 10 times: Roger Clemens, Pedro Martínez and Johan Santana twice each; Denny McLain, Ron Guidry, Justin Verlander and Shane Bieber once apiece.

            This is the first Cy Young Award for a pitcher from the Marlins, who entered the National League as an expansion team in 1993. Marlins pitchers who were runners-up in the voting previously were Kevin Brown in 1996 and Dontrelle Willis in 2005.

            Alcantara, the only pitcher listed on every ballot, is only the second pitcher born in the Dominican Republic to win the NL award The other was Pedro Martínez in 1997. Martínez also won twice in the AL, in 1999 and 2000. The only other Dominican-born winner in the AL was Bartolo Colón in 2005.

Previous winners (* – Unanimous):

2021 Corbin Burnes, Brewers; 2020 Trevor Bauer, Reds; 2019 Jacob deGrom, Mets; 2018 Jacob deGrom, Mets; 2017 Max Scherzer, Nationals; 2016 Max Scherzer, Nationals; 2015 Jake Arrieta, Cubs; 2014 *Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers; 2013 Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers; 2012 R.A. Dickey, Mets; 2011 Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers; 2010 *Roy Halladay, Phillies; 2009 Tim Lincecum, Giants; 2008 Tim Lincecum, Giants; 2007 *Jake Peavy, Padres; 2006 Brandon Webb, Diamondbacks; 2005 Chris Carpenter, Cardinals; 2004 Roger Clemens, Astros; 2003 Eric Gagne, Dodgers; 2002 *Randy Johnson, Diamondbacks; 2001 Randy Johnson, Diamondbacks; 2000 Randy Johnson, Diamondbacks; 1999 Randy Johnson, Diamondbacks 1998 Tom Glavine, Braves; 1997 Pedro Martínez, Expos; 1996 John Smoltz, Braves; 1995 *Greg Maddux, Braves; 1994 *Greg Maddux, Braves; 1993 Greg Maddux, Braves; 1992 Greg Maddux, Cubs; 1991 Tom Glavine, Braves; 1990 Doug Drabek, Pirates; 1989 Mark Davis, Padres; 1988 *Orel Hershiser, Dodgers; 1987 Steve Bedrosian, Phillies; 1986 Mike Scott, Astros; 1985 *Dwight Gooden, Mets; 1984 *Rick Sutcliffe, Cubs; 1983 John Denny, Phillies; 1982 Steve Carlton, Phillies; 1981 Fernando Valenzuela, Dodgers; 1980 Steve Carlton, Phillies; 1979 Bruce Sutter, Cubs; 1978 Gaylord Perry, Padres; 1977 Steve Carlton, Phillies; 1976 Randy Jones, Padres; 1975 Tom Seaver, Mets; 1974 Mike Marshall, Dodgers; 1973 Tom Seaver, Mets; 1972 *Steve Carlton, Phillies; 1971 Ferguson Jenkins, Cubs; 1970 Bob Gibson, Cardinals; 1969 Tom Seaver, Mets; 1968 *Bob Gibson, Cardinals; 1967 Mike McCormick, Giants; 1966 *Sandy Koufax, Dodgers; 1965 *Sandy Koufax, Dodgers; 1963 *Sandy Koufax, Dodgers; 1962 Don Drysdale, Dodgers; 1960 Vernon Law, Pirates; 1957 Warren Spahn, Braves; 1956 Don Newcombe, Dodgers.

Note: One award given from 1956-66; AL pitchers won in 1958-59, 61 and 64.


JUSTIN VERLANDER, Houston Astros   

Here are the voting results of the 2022 American League Cy Young Award. Ballots from two writers in each league city prior to postseason play are tabulated on a system that rewards seven points for first place, four points for second place, three points for third place, two votes for fourth place and one point for fifth place.

AL Cy Young Award 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Points
Justin Verlander, Astros 30 210
Dylan Cease, White Sox 14 10 5 1 97
Alek Manoah, Blue Jays 7 13 10 87
Shohei Ohtani, Angels 9 7 12 1 82
Framber Valdez, Astros 1 12 14
Shane McClanahan, Rays 1 8 10
Shane Bieber, Guardians 1 3 5
Nestor Cortes, Yankees 3 3
Gerrit Cole, Yankees 1 1
Kevin Gausman, Blue Jays 1 1

Verlander’s third Cy Young Award makes him the 11th pitcher honored at least that often. Roger Clemens holds the record with seven (six in the American League, one in the National League). Randy Johnson won five times (four in the NL, one in the AL) and Steve Carlton and Greg Maddux four times each (all in the NL). Other three-time winners: Max Scherzer (two in the NL, one in the AL), Clayton Kershaw (all in the NL), Pedro Martínez (two in the AL, one in the NL), Jim Palmer (all in the AL), Tom Seaver (all in the NL) and Sandy Koufax (all in the NL).

It marks the 11th time an AL pitcher has been a unanimous choice for the award and the second time for Verlander, who was also unanimous when first honored in 2011 with the Tigers. Verlander’s other Cy Young Award victory was with the Astros in 2019. He is the fourth AL pitcher with two unanimous victories, joining Clemens with the Red Sox in 1986 and the Blue Jays in 1998, Johan Santana with the Twins in 2004 and 2006 and Pedro Martínez with the Red Sox in 1999 and 2000 (Martínez also won in the NL with the Expos in 1997 but not unanimously). The other unanimous AL winners were the Tigers’  Denny McLain in 1968, the Yankees’ Ron Guidry in 1978 and Cleveland’s Shane Bieber in 2020. There have been 15 unanimous Cy Young Award winners in the NL.

This is only the second time in Cy Young Award voting, which dates to 1956, that the winners in both leagues in the same season were unanimous. The other year was 1968 with McLain in the AL and the Cardinals’  Bob Gibson in the NL.

Verlander’s victory is the fifth for a Houston pitcher in Cy Young balloting and the third since the Astros moved to the AL in 2013. The other AL winner was Dallas Keuchel in 2015. There were two Astros winners during their 51 seasons in the NL: Mike Scott in 1986 and Clemens in 2004.

Verlander, Cease and Manoah were named on every ballot.

Previous winners (* – Unanimous):

2021 Robbie Ray, Blue Jays; 2020 *Shane Bieber, Indians; 2019 Justin Verlander, Astros; 2018 Blake Snell, Rays; 2017 Corey Kluber, Indians; 2016 Rick Porcello, Red Sox; 2015 Dallas Keuchel, Astros; 2014 Corey Kluber, Indians; 2013 Max Scherzer, Tigers; 2012 David Price, Rays; 2011 *Justin Verlander, Tigers; 2010 Felix Hernández, Mariners; 2009 Zack Greinke, Royals; 2008 Cliff Lee, Indians; 2007 CC Sabathia, Indians; 2006 *Johan Santana, Twins; 2005 Bartolo Colón, Angels; 2004 *Johan Santana, Twins; 2003 Roy Halladay, Blue Jays; 2002 Barry Zito, Athletics; 2001 Roger Clemens, Yankees; 2000 *Pedro Martínez, Red Sox; 1999 *Pedro Martínez, Red Sox; 1998 *Roger Clemens, Blue Jays; 1997 Roger Clemens, Blue Jays; 1996 Pat Hentgen, Blue Jays; 1995 Randy Johnson, Mariners; 1994 David Cone, Royals; 1993 Jack McDowell, White Sox; 1992 Dennis Eckersley, Athletics; 1991 Roger Clemens, Red Sox; 1990 Bob Welch, Athletics; 1989 Bret Saberhagen, Royals; 1988 Frank Viola, Twins; 1987 Roger Clemens, Red Sox; 1986 *Roger Clemens, Red Sox; 1985 Bret Saberhagen, Royals; 1984 Guillermo (Willie) Hernandez, Tigers; 1983 LaMarr Hoyt, White Sox; 1982 Pete Vuckovich, Brewers; 1981 Rollie Fingers, Brewers; 1980 Steve Stone, Orioles; 1979 Mike Flanagan, Orioles; 1978 *Ron Guidry, Yankees; 1977 Sparky Lyle, Yankees; 1976 Jim Palmer, Orioles; 1975 Jim Palmer, Orioles; 1974 Jim (Catfish) Hunter, Athletics; 1973 Jim Palmer, Orioles; 1972 Gaylord Perry, Indians; 1971 Vida Blue, Athletics; 1970 Jim Perry, Twins; 1969 (Tie) Mike Cuellar, Orioles, and Denny McLain, Tigers; 1968 *Denny McLain, Tigers; 1967 Jim Lonborg, Red Sox; 1964 Dean Chance, Angels; 1961 Whitey Ford, Yankees; 1959 Early Wynn, White Sox; 1958 Bob Turley, Yankees.

Note: One award from 1956-66; NL pitchers won in 1956-57, 60, 62-63, 65-66.

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