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2023 was a good year – Thank you to our Latino Sports team and all supporters and followers

The 29th annual community celebrity basketball game and Health Day @ Orchard Beach, Bronx, NYC. (Photo Latino Sports)


2023 was a blessed year for us @ Latino Sports. We increased our readership and visits to our site where many Latinos & non-Latinos enjoyed our creative sports coverage. Exposing, advocating, and educating on Latino sports stories beyond the typical box scores.

We are especially proud that we were able to visit and award the prestigious 33rd annual LatinoMVP 2022 winners, during 2023 Hispanic Heritage Month in their home stadiums of New York, Houston, Miami, Cleveland, Seattle, and San Diego. All the players appreciated learning the history of the awards & loved the awards they received done by nationally recognized artist, @JamesFiorentino and our newest contributor and rising star, @MazAdams.

Maz Adams, Nestor Cortes, James Fiorentino and Julio Pabón during Nestor Cortes’ 2022 AL LatinoMVP Pitcher Award Presentation at Yankee Stadium – Image Credit: Bill Menzel/Latino Sports

Manny Machado receives his 2022 National League LatinoMVP Award by Julio Pabón at Petco Park – Image Credit: San Diego Padres/MLB

We are also proud of the support and relationship we developed with the players, the Media departments of many of the teams and with MLB. We were able to cover and interviewed many players for the first time.  Thank you to all the members of the LSWBA (Latino Sports Writers & Broadcasters Association) for selecting the players for the ballot and for voting for the winners.

We are especially proud how we ended the year featuring a great human being and great baseball player that is rarely remembered in December, Roberto Clemente with our “21 days of Clemente” expose. We featured an article, interview, picture, or video of Roberto Clemente for 21 days from December 11th until the day of that fatal plane crash that ended the life of this great humanitarian on December 31st, 1972.

21 Days of Clemente – Image Credit: AP

Thank you all who have been visiting our site and thank you to those who had visited for the 1st time and are now regular followers. Thank you to those who visited our online store and purchased some real “throwbacks” from when we started with a retail store over 25 years ago. We welcome you to visit the store again as we will be rolling out several new apparel items and collectibles in 2024.

Thank you to the young and senior members who have joined our team of building the #1 site for Latino and non-Latinos in sports. Thanks to them we now have more updated and refreshing contributions from Los Angeles, Tampa, and Miami. In addition, we are now more active in other social media outlets like Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

LatinoMVP Award Presentation at Yankee Stadium – Image Credit: Bill Menzel/Latino Sports

Building an exclusive Latino sports company from the poorest congressional district in the country, the South Bronx has not been easy, especially when we have not been only about profit, but about people. We have been advocates and many times activist and organizers to many community events to bring real issues that could help change the life of many of the youth and athletes that need guidance.

Thanks to the unity of will and the growing consciousness of Latinos and non- Latinos that are finally recognizing the potential we yield.  We are learning that when we unite and support each other we grow stronger. We are beginning to live our company slogan of 25 years ago, “Es Nuestro – Ya Era Tiempo” now more applicable than ever. We will prove that “Si Se Puede.”

We pledge to continue to deliver the best, most creative and most though provoking articles, and sports content. We also want to continue to be a source of support to the many that already joined us as non-paid interns reporting about sports in the community and moving up getting credentials to cover professional sports and many eventually getting professional jobs in a sports franchise, or sports related industry. Our doors will always remain open to help.

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