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Boricuas in this World Series – A Welcome Relief for the Island

South Bronx, NY: Tonight, is the first game of the 2021 World Series. The final two teams from the thirty that compete for this privilege are Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros who will face off tonight.  As I had written in articles past, this post season has made it quite difficult for many Puerto Ricans not to root for one of the teams even if they were not fans of that team. The reason: A Puerto Rican in the team. And as we witnessed Boricuas were not just not just playing,

No doubt, Kike would have been the series MVP if Boston had won the series.

but killing it on the field and at the plate as Kike Hernández who was batting .500 did for Boston. What about the NL Series MVP, Edwin Rosario for Atlanta?  No doubt, that the number of Boricuas playing this post season changed the dynamics of a Puerto Rican fan of a team that did not reach the post season. For many team loyalty was replaced with Puerto Rican pride.


Now in the final phase of the post season these two teams, Braves and Astros will help continue the Puerto Rican interest in following the Puerto Rican players on both these teams.

On that note I would like to share the following NY Times article that focuses on my point.


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