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A Day In The Life Of A Baseball Writer

Empty stadium, the quiet is deafening!/William Coppola, Latino Sports

Los Angeles, California. A day in the life of a reporter. Like any person going to work my day starts at home, where I gather my papers etc. But lucky me, I get to head out to the ballpark. When ever I pull through the entrance, in this case Dodger Stadium, I get a rush. I think to myself, how fortunate am I that I get to work in this place.

After going through security at the Press Gate, where I am greeted warmly by 3 wonderful security people who check my bag every time like it is the first time they ever saw me. I then walk into an empty Stadium where the silence is deafening.

There will be a few crows flying around squawking or a worker cleaning a seat and venders getting ready and maybe a mower cutting the grass. There may be a player or two beginning to stretch out in the outfield. I usually arrive 5 hours before game time just to see if there is a story out there with one of the early workouts. Maybe a player who has been on the IL will be out there. Who’s that working out at second base? He’s their left fielder. Umm, interesting.

Walking through the concourse with no fans to have to maneuver through is different and before I know it, I’m in the Press Box. I have an assigned seat with Latino Sports. Not everyone gets that. Latino Sports has become recognized as a major news entity and MLB has gone out of its way to accommodate us.

Once seated it’s time to get out the laptop and stare at that blank screen. Somehow I will need to have a story before I go home 9 or so hours later. There will be opportunities to talk to other reporters, Major League Scouts, GM’s, former big league players and the people who work the Press Box and dining area. The food varies from place to place and at times is, lets just say, interesting.

Then it’s down to the field and clubhouses. It never gets old being in the dugout or near the batting cage. This is where I get to talk to players, coaches, batboys and girls, ground crew and security people. You never know where the next story will come from. I have even sat in the seats with fans and gotten stories.

When the game ends and the last managers conference or player interview is done, it’s back to that laptop to finish and post my story. When I leave every fan is gone, the stadium is empty again and there are only a few cars in the massive parking lots.

On the ride home I will process all that has happened and end my night with a smile on my face. Knowing that I get to do all of this again tomorrow.

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