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A Day To Remember


New York:
You remember this day September 11, 2001 as if it was yesterday. How can we forget. The events on a sunny and vibrant September morning and for many of this generation a day turned into disaster.

We thought safety for all was always there. We never envisioned seeing two planes take down towers in lower Manhattan that symbolized New York City and a free America.

And then the Pentagon in Washington D.C. and on a hill in a small town of Shanksville Pennsylvania, a similar feeling of the tragic events taking place before our eyes. America was under attack by evil terrorists that do not have the same vision of freedom as we all do.

This is a day we reflect. Our hearts continue to show sympathy for the thousands of lives lost and to their families. And the sympathy and continued concern to those first responders that became heroes and always will be.

This is September 11, 2019 and 18 years later, a day we will never forget.

And on this day, as we continue to do, we honor and remember those that never came home on what was supposed to be another routine day.

From this perspective, on a corner of Morris Park Avenue in the Bronx, we watched as military jets soared above us in the blue sky. We heard, America was under attack and watched the images unfold on television, heard the voices tell us on radio that this was a terrorist attack on our freedom.

Cell phone signals were difficult to inform loved ones we were okay. Street phones were difficult to find and getting a dial tone was just as difficult on the landline phones in our homes. We wanted to know that our loved ones were safe. Those who were in the vicinity of the Twin Towers and elsewhere saw their lives impacted as we all did.

The sports world stopped, There was no room for fun and games, Winning or losing was not important. We all hugged neighbors, strangers and family. We mourned together as America came together and a society changed.

So on this day, as all Major League Baseball teams will do, the ballparks will go silent in between innings to remember and offer prayers. God Bless America will be sung. There will be moments of silence and ballplayers at Citi Field will wear commemorative patches. The Mets during batting practice will wear caps of the NYPD, FDNY-EMS, sanitation, to honor the first responders and those who sacrificed their lives.

Sports brought this nation together a week or so after the attacks on America. The Mike Piazza home run ball at Shea Stadium has a special meaning and we all felt better.

The NFL, a few days later, resumed their schedule and we seemed to get back to normal. But we all know it has not been the same and 18 years later we are more conscious when it comes to safety.

So reflect on this day and never forget. Offer your thoughts and pray for the victims and first responders as if they were your family. Hug each other and hope for peace.

A year from now, we will reflect again and perhaps this should be declared a National Day of Mourning and business should be shut down for a day.

Regardless, this is September 11 and we need to always remember…. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Comment: Twitter@Ring786 Mancuso

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