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Abella Boxing Debuts Professional Boxing Show

New York- Abella Boxing Promotions has set out a huge boxing night in Paramus, New Jersey. In Bergen County Fight Night on Saturday, April 2nd at The Terrace, pro-boxers across the Jersey region will go toe for toe in the ring. 34 year old David Roman Curiel is set to make his boxing return against Henry Mendez in a super-welterweight 4-round bout. Fighting in the orthodox, standing at 5’10. David contains a versatile mix of skills that has left past crowds speechless. He has the potential to be the next big name in the boxing industry. 

David was born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey. “The first thing I ever did as a kid was put on boxing gloves.” He has had that boxing DNA in him from the jump. Romans brother, Freddy Curiel was a professional fighter himself. Curiel would bring Roman everywhere on the road to his workout sessions and more. “As a child, as a 3, 4, 5 year old I was in training camps with Arturo Gatti. I’d be in camps with Buddy McGirt. And I just watched that my whole life growing up.” That’s quite the fighters you would wish to be learning from in person at such a young age.

Located in Paramus, NJ, The Terrace is completely sold out for Bergen County Fight Night. The majority of the crowd will be waiting for the fully anticipated return of David Roman. “Everyone is waiting to see me go to work, man. Everybody is proud of me. The support I got is crazy.” 

If David isn’t boxing and developing his skills, he is promoting his own business by selling Riot clothing merchandise while raising his young daughter and son. “Right now all I’m thinking about is boxing. I take care of my kids. I have two kids. I sell merchandise. My Riot merch.” He is always keeping busy. David works out six days a week. He tends to do additional training when he has the chance between his merchandise business and family to attend to.

Abella Boxing Promotions has been behind the scenes in the works for this historic night to take place. When asked about working with Abella Boxing, Roman stated: “As soon as I got a text from Abella Promotions, they’ve been real good. They’ve been real good to me. They like me a lot. I like them a lot. I have become real close with them.” 

When David was a child, his favorite fighter to watch was the late legend, Héctor Camacho. He looks back and watches past fights on James Toney, Floyd Mayweather along with Shane Mosely. He is constantly learning and adding to his own boxing regimes. 

David uses his support system as a motivation factor in his training and workouts. “I gotta work so hard for this. My fans are motivation. My family is motivation. I am my motivation. I am doing this for myself, but I’m doing it for everyone else too.”

He went into depth about his own way of fighting: “I’m a counter puncher. I go to the body. Everybody tells me I got knockout power. Like everyone I spar be like, bro you hit hard as hell. We’ve just got to see what’s going to happen.”

David’s last fight was in April of 2013 in North Bergen, New Jersey. In five professional fights, he has a 3-1-1 record with one knockout. Although, Roman hasn’t fought in eight years. He has the mindset to become the next big-name-talent in the sport: “It’s never too late, build this record up. One year, two years, get a fight on PBC or Top Rank and upset one of these young prospects.” Romans next fight for Saturday, April 2nd is set for a 154 lb bout between Henry Mendez. 

📸 Photo Credit: Latino Sports

We must recognize the man who started this highly anticipated night from the ground up, local New Jersey businessman and lead promoter for Abella Boxing, Scott Abella. 

There’s many promoters in this business who are in it for themselves. A lot of people become promoters for individual benefits. However, Scott is the complete opposite. He elaborated “Nothing is about me. I didn’t do this for money, fame, or fortune. This is for the attendees, the guests, the fighters, the trainers who put so much work into this business and don’t really get too much.” He added “I don’t look at this as a money thing or a career thing. This is my interest. This interests me.”

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