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Air Head Harms Baseball

Juan Vene is a freelance baseball columnist who has over 60 years covering baseball. He is published in over 37 publications throughout the U.S. and Latin America. He is considered one of the senior baseball Latino experts. His coloume’s are in Spanish and translated to english for our readers. We are proud to have Mr. Vene as part of the Latino Sports contributors. Merry Christmas To All

“Speak slowly, but think quickly” … Andrés Manuel López Obrador.-

Feeeeeeeeliz Navidaaaad!


Coral Gables, Florida (VIP WIRE) = The commissioner is an illustrious ignorant. – The Child God named Rob Manfred, brought the umpires a robot to call the strikes and balls. Insulting gift. You have to have strikes to be as arbitrary as this commissioner! It is as if they had commissioned it to end baseball.

The umpires have accepted in disgust, because if not, they are cast and sent to the minors.

But, what has been the problem with the umpires of home plate in these 150 years of Major League? The answer is none, absolutely none. So, Manfred, why change things?

Logically, the baseball commissioner does not know the history of baseball. Possibly part of the legion of ignorant people who still believe it was invented by General Abner Doubleday, and do not imagine that it was the Egyptian pharaohs, with their religious rites in honor of God Osiris, who began this sport three thousand years before Christ.

Poor baseball! In the hands of those who have put it.

But the world continues: – That is, we continue to play ball. Teams try to build their best teams. Like the Rockies, who before last season, tried to get out of Nolan Arenado contract, to sign an extension of $260 million for eight seasons, until 2026.

The bad thing was that the team finished this year with 71-91, 20 games under 500! And they doubt that they can assemble a winning team around Arenado in a short time. That’s why they put him on the market. But they have found it very difficult for any organization to want to get over that multi-million dollar commitment, to carry the 28-year-old Californian, even though he has been an excellent hitter in his seven seasons. He has an average of 295, 227 homers (three seasons of leader) and 734 RBI’s (twice leader).

Like everyone in this world, each team carries its problem and its happiness.

Tremendous rooster in Chicago.- Meanwhile, the White Sox are runaway in search of a secure postseason rooster. Today they wake up at Christmas after the free agent slugger Edwin Encarnación, who will turn 37 on January 7 and has 15 seasons of experience. This year 2019, with Mariners and Yankees, the Dominican from La Romana took 34 homers and towed 86 RBI’s, even when he played only until August, when the fracture his risk which took him out of the lineup. In South Chicago, they want him to share the work of the designated with Zack Collins.

ATTENTION.- You can read the whole recent archive of “Juan Vené en la Pelota”, if you go online for “sport comes back together”.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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