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Alex Cora calls MLB players accountable to avoid COVID-19 infections

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The Puerto Rican manager of the Red Sox admitted that he has looked forward to the emails about the tests of his players so he can relax knowing that there are no positives in his team

Puerto Rican Red Sox manager Alex Cora is not your usual Florida tourist.

“It’s a day off here tomorrow. Hopefully it will rain and be cold, ”he said Sunday as he prepared for the team to take its first full break from spring training.
It’s not that Cora doesn’t like the sun. He would simply prefer that his players stay home with their families and not risk possible exposure to COVID-19.
In bad weather, he added, “There is no temptation to go to the beach or go to an outdoor restaurant or whatever. So I’ll be praying for that. ”
The real forecast for Fort Myers, where Boston trains: mostly sunny, high 70s, almost zero chance of rain.

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