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Alex Cora is clear about why Boston extended his contract, and it was not necessarily the victories

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The Puerto Rican manager stressed that management appreciates his way of relating to his players

He will celebrate the Christmas festivities in his native Caguas Puerto Rico with his family. And he will do it with two extra pairs of red socks on his tree.

The prominent Puerto Rican manager has plenty of reasons to enjoy the celebrations in a big way, after the Boston Red Sox management rewarded him for his work in 2021 by exercising the options that were determined in his contract for the 2023 and 2024 seasons. In this way, Cora remains tied to the Red Sox for at least three additional seasons.

Not bad for Cora, who on his return to baseball after being suspended for a year after being involved in the signal stealing scheme with the Houston Astros, led the Red Sox to the American League Championship Series. .

After participating in a baseball event on Tuesday, Cora spoke by phone with El Nuevo Día about the important move made by Boston’s management.

“Grateful for the trust of the team’s management and for giving me the opportunity to continue being part of what is being done here (Boston),” Cora told this newspaper.

After serving the punishment imposed by Commissioner Rob Manfred, Cora reached an agreement to lead the Red Sox with a two-year contract (2021 and 2022) and a couple of options.

According to reports, the pact was valued at about $ 8 million.

Cora, who guided the Red Sox to the World Series title in 2018, denied that the team’s performance under him in 2021 was the primary element for Chaim Bloom, Vice President and Chief of Baseball Operations, to decide to honor both options.

“Not necessarily. It was rather the fact that Chaim saw my relationship with the players, my way of working and the trust they have in me, ”added the 46-year-old manager.

With just three years of coaching experience in the majors, Cora has impressed not only with his technical knowledge of the game, but with his ability as a communicator and his ability to work under constant pressure from fans and the media.

Cora is 284-202 (.584) in three seasons with Boston, leading the team to winning record in his three years: 2018 (108-54), 2019 (84-78), and 2021 (92-70) .

This year he guided the Red Sox to the Championship Series with a team that on paper didn’t seem to have the talent to go that far.

They were defeated in six games by the Houston Astros at the ALCS.

“I am glad to be part of this process in the organization. We are in a good position right now. We have a lot of talent, especially in pitchers. We are close to having a new litter, ”added Cora referring to young arms such as Tanner Houck, Garrett Whitlock, Coonor Seabold and Darwinson Hernández, among others.

Since Bloom’s arrival with the Red Sox in 2020, the executive established a new philosophy and set about trying to enrich and develop talent in the minor league system, particularly in the area of ​​pitching.

In 2021 they were patient and cautious about investing in free agency. Although this time they have a bigger budget to look for talent in the 2022 market, Cora assured that the team will be smart when it comes to signing the pieces they need.

Pitchers of the caliber of Max Scherzer, Clayton Kershaw, Robbie Ray, Kevin Gausman and Marcus Stroman, among others, are available.

The Red Sox lost services in free agency from left-hander Eduardo Rodríguez. As for position players, Kyle Schwarber put his name on the free agent list.

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