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All Quiet In The Southern Front – Well, Until A Few Hours From Now.

El Bronx, NY: Yesterday I walked over to Yankee stadium to pick up my credentials for this ALCS series and as I walked there through Heritage Park (the site of the old Yankee stadium) I was enjoying the tranquility of the neighborhood. The usual automobile traffic on Jerome and River Avenues, the busses coming down 161st Street and the very little pedestrians as most of the pedestrian activity starts across the street on the East side of the stadium where you have the 161st subway and McDonalds right on the corner. Heading up 161st Street that’s where the tenements begin on Gerard Ave and the more active community activity starts.

Well, that peace will be totally changed this afternoon as the Houston Astros will be facing the hometown Yankees in what will be a bit of a repeat of last years ALDS series when the Astros took the four of seven series and with it took the hope and aspirations of the Yankee fans who were rooting their team to the World Series. The Astros wound up losing to the Boston Red Sox who went on and defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers to be crowned the 2018 World Series Champions.

However, that was last year and the Red Sox are not in this 2019 picture at all. This series between the Yankees and the Astros is for all the American League marbles. Who will be representing the American League in the World Series? From all indications it looks like the winner will face off with against the Washington Nationals who are leading the series against the Saint Louis Cardinals 3-0.

This afternoon and early evening the quiet area around Heritage Park, Jerome, River and 161st Street will look like a mini-Mardi Gras festival of adrenaline filled baseball fans.

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