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Aníbal Sánchez Happy To Receive His LatinoMVP Award

📸: Photo Credit: Washington Nationals

Bronx, NY: Another one of 2019 LatinoMVP awardees has received his award and as we have seen and have heard from the other winners these awards could not have come at a better time given the total disruption of what a routine baseball season should be.

In the absence of loud cheering fans, or loud boo’s jeering off players the stadiums are not the same without any fans. No matter how hard they have tried to make the players feel the comfort of playing in an empty stadium with people cut out’s in the stands, or noise from the sound system, it’s not the same. The excitement of the game for many of the players, like all performers is the feedback they get from those they are performing in front of.

We know players miss the pre-game batting practice in front of fans on the field and in the stands pressing and screaming for autographs, a picture or just a wave. The absolute absence of reporters chasing players for an interview and the ruckus in the locker rooms before and especially after a game is sorely missed. It must be quite difficult for the players to get accustom to the new norm and possible boredom of a typical game. Thus when, Aníbal Sánchez received his award in the Nationals clubhouse for his performance in the 2019 season (an Illustration piece by known illustrator, John Pennisi) he was excited and honored. He wanted to make sure that the media department passed along his “thanks for selecting him.”

 Once again we are proud to have made another player, his team and family smile during this very difficult baseball season. Thank you MLB and the Nationals media department for assisting us in getting the award to Aníbal.  We trust that these awards continue to help remind us that baseball is still alive and well.

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