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Anthony Rendón Receives His LatinoMVP Award

“I am honored to receive such a prestigious award that represents the Latin Community in Major League Baseball," Anthony Rendón. (📸 Photo Credit: Los Angeles Angels)

El Bronx, NY: Anthony Rendón was the latest 2019 LatinoMVP award winner to receive his award. Rendón won his National League award for his 2019 season with the Washington Nationals, but since he signed with the Los Angeles Angels in December 2019, we had to send the award to him in Anaheim, CA.

As we predicted these awards could not have come at a better time given the total disruption of what a routine baseball season should be and the lack of direct fan appreciation, Anthony was super pleased to receive his two awards. Unlike what we normally would have done, perhaps an on field pre-game award ceremony, or an awards luncheon with local Latino Little Leagues and community leaders this award was given in the solemn quarters of the Angels locker room.

In the absence of being there when he was handed his two awards, we can only imagine the pleasure he must have had when he saw what he had received. His awards consisted of a one of a kind watercolor painting by renowned artist, James Fiorentino and an illustration by the known illustrator, John Pennisi.

It is said that a smile can reveal many things and judging by the picture we received from the Angels media team of Rendón holding up his awards we can surmise that he was more than surprised to have finally seen his awards. Awards that we are sure he was anxious to take home and like many of the past awardees decide where he would display these two pieces of art. We asked the Angels media team for any comment we could report on when he received his awards and they informed us that he said, “I am honored to receive such a prestigious award that represents the Latin Community in Major League Baseball.”

We want to thank the Angels media team for their cooperation in getting the award to Rendón and facilitating a picture and his comment. We also want to thank Major League Baseball for the support they have given to these 30th Annual LatinoMVP awards and helping to get them out to all the winners.

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