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Aparicio Connected More Hits Than Ted Williams & Other Questions Answered.

“Healthy life will be very healthy, but it is not life” … Pacomio.-

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Coral Gables, Florida (VIP WIRE): Reynaldo A. Toledo C. of Montreal, asks … “Will the big leagues return to Montreal in a short time?”

Amigo Rey …: Nothing definitive. But they enthusiastically study the possibility of an expansion, or that the Rays play 40 of their 81 home-club games of those on Canadian grounds.

David Requena, from Medellín, asks … “Does Francisco Rodríguez have a chance to reach the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown?”

Friend Davo …: Hardly.


Fernando Núñez, fellow journalist from Caracas, requests…: “Historical data of the Luis Aparicio (El Grande) stadium”.

Amigo Nando …: In the offices of the Eagles of Zulia you have the best person to answer you. He is my dear friend Armando Núñez Rovira.

Rubén Hernández, from El Tigre, asks …: “Do you think that since there is no evidence against Roger Clemens, he deserves his place in the Hall of Fame?”

Ruby Friend …: No.

David Baralt, from Bakersfield, California, asks …: “How many records did Luis Aparicio have in the majors, including hits? And tell me about the story of Luis Aparicio Sr.“.

Amigo Vidi …: Luisito always played for his team, not for his numbers. For example, he hit .411 mostly grounders through first or second, to advance runners, even when he was out. He was an organizer of infielders. Brooks Róbinson said of him with the Orioles …: “he made the game much easier for everyone, that’s why we were winners as soon as he arrived. In hits he is the number 71 in the list of all time hiters, with two thousand 677 above Nelly Fox’, two thousand 663, who is 74th, and above the 77th, who is no less, than Ted Williams’, two thousand 654, and on Steve Garvey, 2599; Vladimir Guerrero, 2590; Ernie Banks, 2583; and Manny Ramírez, 2574.


Jhon Crespo, of Yaritagua, asks …: “In what year did Willie Mays make the extraordinary his back-to-home catch, and was it in season or in the postseason?”

Amigo Jotahache …: They played in New York, the second inning of the eighth inning of the first game in the 1954 World Series. Tied two runs apiece and with two on base, Vic Wertz hit a huge hit, towards the announcement of the 460 feet of the centerfield, at the Polo Grounds in Manhattan. Mays ran back with the sound of the contact, and on his back, already reaching the fences, he raised the glove, caught, and then turned around to quickly throw the infield, because there were two on base. The Giants won 5-2, and the Series in four games. By the way, it was the first World Series with a Mexican on board, Beto Avila, second baseman of the Indians.


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