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Astros – Red Sox Series – Two Teams with Many Latino Players. Who Are you rooting for?

South Bronx, NY: I live walking distance from Yankee stadium, home to the NY Yankees, a team that many here thought would be heading to the 2021 post season. Unfortunately, that was not the case, but that does not mean that baseball is over in the minds of the majority Puerto Rican and Dominican community here that love baseball.

Throughout my walks through the community, I have taken the opportunity to conduct an informal survey. I have asked many of my neighbors and workers in the community a question. I have asked them: Who are they rooting for between the Houston Astros and the Boston Red Sox? I chose both these teams because they are American League teams and both have many Puerto Rican, Dominican and Latino players. The Houston Boston series will have a total of twenty-four Latinos. nine Puerto Ricans between coaches and players, eight Dominicans, four Venezuelans, three Cubans, two Mexicans and two Latinos born in the states.

My informal survey has the majority rooting for the Boston Red Sox.

Who will you root for in this series?

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