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Audition For Castillo In The Bronx

Image: MLB

Bronx, NY- Yankees manager Aaron Boone said Cincinnati Reds’ Luis Castillo “was nasty…. he was tough.” Thursday night at Yankee Stadium, Boone and his team know why the righthander is the coveted arm teams are looking to acquire before the trade deadline in two weeks.

Castillo also got looks from various scouts situated behind home plate. They took notes and will continue to submit reports as to why Castillo would be a valuable addition to a starting rotation in playoff contention.

The Yankees will be minus one in the rotation because Luis Severino was put on the injured list due to a low grain strain to the right shoulder. They could be the leading contender to land Castillo, pending if they are willing to part with one or two of their valuable prospects.

“I’ve heard the rumors about being traded to the Yankees and stuff like that,” Castillo said through a translator after the Reds took two of three from the Yankees with their 7-6 win in 10-innings.

And the Yankees, now without Severino, could be the leading contender. Castillo had an audition of sorts in the Bronx, allowing one run in seven innings and striking out eight. The Yankees could not touch his fastball and the changeup had the potent Yankees lineup perplexed.

Chances are this nasty stuff could end up in the Bronx. The Dodgers or crosstown Mets are also in the discussion, again, it’s all speculation at this point and what teams are willing to giveaway to acquire the coveted pitcher.

So this was an audition in the Bronx, perhaps not the last time Castillo is on the mound this season at Yankee Stadium. The Reds are in a rebuilding mode and the Yankees are headed to October with a goal to win their first World Series championship in 13 years.

Castillo, a Latino Sports NL pitcher MVP award recipient, 29-years old from Bari,Dominican Republic, had six of his strikeouts come from that nasty four-seam fastball. The sinker and slider also shutdown the potent Yankees. Since May 20, Castillo has posted a 2.37 ERA, opponens are hitting .198 and there have been 65 strikeouts in 68-⅓ innings.

The Reds know he is a coveted pitcher and don’t expect him to be around as the rebuilding continues.

But Castillo goes about his business as the trade rumors get intense.

“I want to throw to the best of my abilities,” he said.”That’s all I’m thinking. They (Reds) gave me an opportunity to start my career. Throughout the whole time with this organization, everybody has treated me well and I hope we can continue on and do the same thing for a long time.”

Others on the Reds roster hope Castillo remains with the Reds as they rebuild, but the reality says this is a business.

Veteran Joey Votto said, “We hear the talk and want him to be here at the same time know what he can do to put a team on top.”

To say Castillo will be the difference for a starting rotation, and to claim his arm is the missing link, all one has to do is look at those numbers. Boone and his Yankees deep down were thinking the same and more so now with the uncertain return of Severino.

“When you’re painting the corners it’s going to make for a tough day,” said the Yankees Aaron Judge who added to his Major League leading home run total (31) with a solo home run in the eighth inning.

He also referred to Castillo throwing the fastball at 110 MPH and the consistency.

And if the Yankees had not worked the Castillo pitch count to 114 pitches, there could have been more of that audition in the Bronx. Regardless the Yankees got that first hand look of a pitcher that could help them in October. Though, remember this is all business. And realize, Luis Castillo is that pitcher that could be on the mound again this season in the Bronx.

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