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Baseball and Earthquakes in the Bronx

2024 New York Yankees home opener on Friday afternoon, April 5th, was quite the day in the Bronx - Image Credit: Latino Sports

BRONX, NY — Where would you like to begin with the New York Yankees’ home opener on Friday afternoon against the Toronto Blue Jays? 

At approximately 10:23 in the morning, eastern time — two hours and 42 minutes away from first pitch, less than two hours from all of the home opener festivities starting up, and just 37 minutes before the gates began to open for fans — that’s where (and when). At that very moment, 10:23 AM ET, a 4.8 magnitude earthquake shook and rumbled the Bronx streets, causing all of those on their way to the ballgame, to stir into a panic. 

Just a great start to the day. A sold-out Yankee Stadium crowd of 47,812, which was later announced, on their way to enjoy some baseball, experiences an earthquake, while at the same time, several Yankee players and coaches are out on the diamond, preparing and warming up… 

Moments after a 4.8 magnitude earthquake rumbled the Bronx on Friday afternoon. Baseball and Earthquakes? – Image Credit: Bill Menzel/Latino Sports

“I felt that pregame,” said a laughing Aaron Judge, the Yankees captain, regarding the earthquake. “You know, you usually feel a couple of rumbles pregame in this stadium, but that one was pretty different.” 

“I was at my locker; we all felt it,” stated Yankees right-hander Marcus Stroman, who tossed six scoreless innings with six strikeouts in Friday’s 3-0 loss to Toronto. “It was one of those things that was more shocking. We were asking, ‘What was that?’ We thought it was maybe somebody pushing something up on the concourse. No one really knew.”

​​”I felt something. I was standing at second base just waiting for the guys to come out in the outfield and do some work,” added Luis Rojas, New York’s third base coach. “I was looking around, I think (Jose) Trevino made eye contact with me and he was signaling that something was happening too.” 

“I thought it was the sound system,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone said.

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