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Baseball; Please Stop The Madness

WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 25: Jose Altuve #27 of the Houston Astros is greeted by teammates during player introductions prior to Game 3 of the 2019 World Series between the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park on Friday, October 25, 2019 in Washington, District of Columbia. (Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

What is wrong with people? In this case, baseball players. What is going through their heads, when in the middle of the biggest worldwide pandemic in 100 years, they just go about their days like none of what happens to us, will happen to them? I guess just like the idiots who think this is a Hoax, they are going to do what they want. God forbid they have to be like the rest of us, you know, the ones that sacrifice and worry about others.

The fact that some of them have gone out to places where they could contact this virus and then infect some of their teammates, shows a lack of respect.  A complete disregard for the same guys they will come storming out of the dugout and bullpen to defend when someone tries to hurt one of their own. How can this be? Are they unaware of the dangerous situation we are in every day with this contagious virus? Were they sequestered to a dark safe place since March with no internet or TV? I don’t have to mention any team in particular, they are all doing this stuff. It’s just that some of them have been lucky and have not contracted this deadly disease.

What we have here is a monster, created by the fans, writers, and the media departments of every sports franchise in the world. We have enabled these grown men. We have made them into bigger than life heroes, people we would all desire to be. In our eyes they can do no wrong. We buy them drinks and dinner even though they are wealthy beyond our wildest dreams. We spoil them.

And guess what? Many of them have come to believe they are privileged and invincible. Someone will take care of their every need. They get in trouble? Someone will bail them out. They need a reservation? Someone makes a call. They walk into a locker room and everything is laid out for them like King Louis XIV. Etc, etc, etc.

It is obvious that they can not be trusted to monitor themselves. Just watch the Yankees, It looks like they didn’t get the memo about making skin contact to celebrate a run scored. No masks, high fives and 12 guys in the dugout. Fortunately for the Mets, they don’t have that much to celebrate about, so they should be safe.

It was rumored that MLB has assigned babysitters for them. Are they serious? When grown men need to be watched, it usually means they are dangerous. And guess what? They are. Both to themselves and others.

Why is MLB allowing this sham of a season to continue anyway? Easy answer here folks, “It’s all about the money.” never let that get out of your head. The product is not that good and a few players are making all the others look bad. Stop the madness.



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