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Baseball Tidbit: Five Puerto Rican prospects have debuted this season in the Majors: Now Third # of Latino Players

Veteran manager Edwin Rodríguez raises concern about the rise of some players.

With the promotion on Sunday of valued prospect Nelson Velázquez with the Chicago Cubs, there are already five Puerto Rican players who have debuted in the Majors in the first two months of the season. This has increased the number of Puerto Ricans in MLB who in the past were behind the number of Cuban’s in MLB. As we had written then that was a bit embarrassing as there is presently a US Blockade against Cuba and Puerto Rico is a colonial territory of the US.

While MLB has 28.5% Latino players in this 2022 season, Puerto Ricans still have one of the lowest number of professional baseball players in MLB, but for having a few, some of those few do shine.

The last stats indicated the following:

List of active Major League Baseball players by country of birth
Rank Country # %
#1  United States 1,088 72.3%
#2  Dominican Republic 169 11.2%
#3  Venezuela 101 6.7%
#4  Puerto Rico 30 2%
#5  Cuba 27 1.8%
#6  Mexico 17 1.1%
#7  Canada 14 0.9%
#8  Colombia 11 0.7%
#9  Panama 9 0.6%
#10  Japan 8 0.5%
#11  South Korea 7 0.5%
#12  Curaçao[a] 5 0.3%
#13  Australia 3 0.2%
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