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Be Fearful Of The Scary Full Moon!

The Scary Moon - Image Credit: Reader's Digest

LOS ANGELES, CA — Behind a strange night of baseball yesterday where the Reds would end up with seven hits and only score one run, and the Dodgers would have two hits, both home runs by Max Muncy, and would score three runs, we saw some odd things and some not so odd things.

Dodger starter, twenty-three-year-old Emmet Sheehan, was removed after five brilliant innings of two-hit shutout baseball. In today’s baseball, that is not odd. So it looked like business as usual. But why was he removed? Maybe it was in the game “Script” of two times through the order, or maybe the magical 82 pitch count, or perhaps because a full moon was about to appear or some other mumbo-jumbo analytical discovery on how to improve the game by the brilliant front office nerds was in the making.

Emmet Sheehan, brilliant outing wasted by imploding bullpen/ Image Credit: Getty Images

It was not odd that the next pitcher out of the bullpen gave up two runs to tie the game at 2-2, taking the chance of Sheehan getting a win off the table. One odd thing that did happen was Muncy becoming the first Dodger ever to have all his team’s hits and RBIs in a game.

Max Muncy had all the Dodger hits and RBIs in a 3-2 win over Reds – Image Credit: Emma Sharon/Latino Sports

Sometimes this game takes effort to figure out. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason for how we get to a final score. The Reds’ starter Luke Weaver was pitching a two-hitter through six innings. The only problem is that both hits were home runs by Max Muncy.

So what does all this mean? We could say that the Manager should have done this or that. Walker should have pitched differently to Muncy. The Reds could have been more aggressive at the plate, and maybe the moon could have moved behind a cloud. But as My wife’s grandfather Bill Verner would say, “If you put all the would haves, could haves, and should haves and put them in a bucket with a nickel, you know what you would get? A nickel!”

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