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Big league fights for substances –

“If a pineapple arrives at the theater and enters without paying … What is the name of the play they put on? … Well,” La Piña Colada “…” Happy Saturdays “.-


Coral Gables, Florida (VIP-WIRE) ** The horrible party thrown by Commissioner Rob (Chortlioto Head) Manfred, having even the pitchers’ underpants examined, has caused more than one problem. For example, Twins third baseman Josh Dónaldson homered off White Sox Lucas Giolito and later said Giolito was using banned substances. Now the two of them are about to punch each other … ** Soap opera star Delia Fiallo loved baseball. If she was in Venezuela, she always appeared in the stands to see Guaicaipuro and Farándula. Two years ago, when I underwent a dangerous operation, she called me at the hospital to tell me … “Juan, get well soon, we still have many interesting things to do.” Apparently she did all hers, because she has left us, at 96 years of age … ** The Rays lose their patience with the Dominican, Wander Franco. They gave him a bonus of three million 830 thousand dollars, in his 20 years of age, they brought him to the Major Leagues, with the aura that he was superior to Fernando Tatis Jr. But in 31 home plate appearances, he’s hitting 154, one home run, four RBIs, one steal …


“There are two formulas to live happily …: One is to believe in everything … The other, not to believe in anything … Both prevent one from having to think” … THE PIMPI.-


** The Yankees have almost always had more than one bombastic name on their roster, like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford, Mariano Rivera, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter. But nowadays, no one shines for me there … ** Thanks to that “Book that Nobody Has Written”, published by the “Editorial Sin Letras”, I have learned that the Saraperos of Saltillo are very festive, even beyond their Coahuila estates. It is that they reached the first 50 years of leading good baseball in such directions … ** Pitcher Trevor Bauer, signed by the Dodgers for three seasons, starting with the current one, for 102 million dollars, has been sued for 50 million, by a young woman who accuses him of having assaulted her during two sex sessions. Bauer alleges that she demanded that he beat her when they were intimate … Who knows! …
“A hero is the one who dedicates his life to improve that of others” … Anonymous.-

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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