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Billionaires on strike again – Otra vez a la huelga los multimillonarios

“The miser experiences, at the same time, all the concerns of the rich and all the hardships of the poor” … Albert Guiñon “.-


Coral Gables, Florida (VIP-WIRE) – The strike emerged as the necessary weapon of the proletariat, of the underpaid and starving workers, to be able to fight against the rich exploiters.

But the strikers who in 1994-95 stopped the Major Leagues, ending even the World Series, were billionaires, as are now those who already announced that on the first of this December they are going on strike again.

In ’94, the litigation lasted for 234 days, from August 12 to April 25, 1995, 921 games were not held and the monetary losses were one billion dollars.

Where is the proletariat, where are the underpaid workers, if this year, the one with the lowest fees received $ 570,500 for six months of playing baseball ?!

“To whom God gave it, may Saint Peter bless him”, but these 1,200 2021 players are determined to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, the hen that produces golden eggs for them.

Now, once again, the leaders of the bigleaguers refuse to accept economic proposals that have been made to them since August. And as the panorama is observed, they do not even want to debate.

I wonder, is it that they want to rest and that is why they hang on the possibility of a strike?

The trickiest thing about the contract project is arbitration and free agency. They propose that they disappear, but in exchange for other contractual conditions.

Instead of refereeing after the third year in the majors, automatic hiring, depending on what the Wins Above Replacement (WAR) says about each player.

And to declare a free agent, instead of having played in seven seasons, they will be able to do so when they turn 29 years and six months of age.

Most bigleaguers start in their 20s, 21s or 22s, which would favor owners. But if they reach 23 or later, the winner will be the player, since he will need less time than now to become a free agent.

For example, Willson Contreras, could be a free agent this year, instead of going to the last arbitration, as he goes, because he was born on May 13, 1992, he has turned 29 years and six months.
“If it is money who speaks, it is impossible to understand us.”

“The avarice breaks the bag”.

“Unbridled ambition blinds people.”

“The miser lacks both what he has and what he does not have.”

Thanks to the life that he has given me so much, even a reader like you.

ATTENTION.- By Google, the file of “Juan Vené en la Pelota”, through “sport brings us together again”.

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Otra vez a la huelga los multimillonarios

En vez de arbitraje después del tercer año en Grandes Ligas, contratación automática, según lo que diga el Wins Above Replacement (WAR) acerca de cada pelotero.

Y para declararse agente libre, en vez de haber jugado en siete temporadas, podrán hacerlo al cumplir 29 años y seis meses de edad.

La mayoría de los bigleaguers comienzan a los 20, 21 o 22 años, lo que favorecería a los propietarios. Pero si llegan a los 23 o más tarde, el beneficiado será el pelotero, ya que necesitará menos tiempo que ahora para hacerse agente libre.

Por ejemplo, Willson Contreras, podría ser agente libre este año, en vez de ir al último arbitraje, como va, porque nació el 13 de mayo de 1992, ha cumplido más de 29 años y seis meses.
“Si quien habla es el dinero, es imposible comprendernos”.

“La avaricia rompe el saco”.

“La ambición desmedida ciega a la gente”.

“El avaro carece tanto de lo que tiene como de lo que no tiene”.

Gracias a la vida que me ha da do tanto, incluso un lector como tú.

ATENCIÓN.- Por Google, el archivo de “Juan Vené en la Pelota”, a través de “el deporte vuelve a unirnos”.


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