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Caribbean Series, Concert and Baseball Pride

Cabo Rojo, PR: Baseball pride in the Caribbean is as important as the World Soccer Cup is to many other countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Example, yesterday my wife and I are in a packed outdoor concert in the town of Mayagüez for a popular Puerto Rican artist, Pedro Capo. Thousands of spectators, as well as the thousands patronizing the many foods and alcohol stands and children’s section offering free rides for every child.

What surprised and entertained us was that in between musical breaks the MC would announce the baseball score of their hometown the Mayagüez Indians who had recently won the Puerto Rican baseball championships and were representing Puerto Rico in the Caribbean Series. When I was in the house and getting ready to leave for the concert, I was watching the game. Puerto Rico was playing the host country Venezuela and had to win this game to tie all the other countries that had 1-1 record. In the second inning Puerto Rico was leading Venezuela 2-0. I wanted to stay and watch the game, but a Pedro Capo free concert and a wife that adores music was too overpowering to stay home.

Therefore, to be in the concert and hear the updated score of the hometown team playing in another country and increasing their lead to 6-1 was a treat. It was the closest thing to what I saw during the World Soccer Cup when countries around the world were watching the games in an outdoor venue and celebrate when their country would score a goal or win the game. The pride and love for baseball in Puerto Rico was demonstrated yesterday in that concert.
For the updated scores and updates read the following MLB article.

Update on Caribbean Series



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