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Carlos Correa’s $26.92 million per season contract with SF Giants ranks him 21st in top baseball dollars.

Image Credit: Daniel Budasoff/Latino Sports

But in the entirety of the contract he is the fourth most lucrative in Major League history at $350 million.

Carlos Correa’s new deal with the San Francisco Giants ranks fourth in total million at $350 and twenty-first in average annual salary at $26.92 million.

The shortstop from the small coastal town of Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico agreed to sign with the Giants in free agency for 13 seasons and $350 million.

The three most lucrative contracts in Major League history are Mike Trout’s with the Angels for $426.5 million; Mookie Betts’s with the Dodgers for $365 million; and Aaron Judge’s with the Yankees for $360 million. Then Correa’s.

In terms of average annual salary, Correa will earn $26.9 million, ranking 21st for next season.

Correa has the most lucrative deal for a shortstop at $350 million, but his compatriot Francisco Lindor of the Mets has the highest annual value at $34.1 million. Lindor occupies the ninth position for the next season.

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