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Collazo Living His Purpose

Credit: Mikey Williams/ Top Rank

New York: Luis Collazo has been in the ring with world champions and there is no cause to doubt his capability. At 37-years old, a fighter like Collazo will get the questions as to why continue in a welterweight division that is stacked and considered the elite of boxing.

They are talking about Errol Spence, Mickey Garcia Saturday night. They are talking about Shawn Porter, Keith Thurman, Danny Garcia and Manny Pacquiao but Luis Collazo hopes to once again be in that mix.

He says about his latest bout, Sunday afternoon at the Hulu Theater Madison Square Garden, part of a Top Rank ESPN streamed undercard, “I believe I’m living my purpose now.”

Indeed, Collazo is continuing his purpose. Fighters never quit or hang up the gloves until the body says no more. Collazo has been in the ring with world champions . He lost a decision to Keith Thurman in 2015 for the WBA welterweight title. Before that, losing decisions to former champions Amir Khan and Andre Berto. He has been in there with Hall of Famer Shane Mosley.

So, Collazo has made some money in the sport. He has not been very active and in between pays the bills working a bread route in his hometown of Queens, NY. But that purpose is to continue and he returns on card that features Michael Conlan, the Top Rank promoted and undefeated (10-0) WBO intercontinental featherweight champion on their annual St. Patrick’s Day card in New York City.

“This fight is first,” he said about opposing Samuel Vargas (34-2, 14 K0’s) in a 10-round bout. “This is what I’m focused first on. I’ll get this victory and take it from there.”

Taking it from there is the purpose. If not, Collazo will make the decision about his future in the ring. Then again, no fighter is going to look ahead. It’s one fight at a time and Luis Collazo, 38-7, with 20 K0’s is no different.

“The things I’ve been through in boxing, a lot of fighters wouldn’t deal with. It fuels my passion,” he said. “I’ve had some rough roads. You know what, at the end of the day, this is what I was called to do. I love it. I just like inspiring those that always have been counted out, like myself. I’m still able to do it and perform at my best and give the fans what they want, which is excitement.”

Officials at Top Rank, they obviously believe in giving Collazo the opportunity. With their ESPN platform and multi million dollar deal, that usually means promoting and providing guys such as Conlan the opportunity to rise.

There is that exception. Luis Collazo has a name. He has been in that ring with some of the elite. He is a ticket seller and age is just a number for this fighter who has always been a fan favorite.

Vargas, 29 years old, from Bogata Colombia has that age difference on his side. This is also an important fight to climb the ladder. He intends, as he says, to make a statement.

However, the most important statement is for Luis Collazo. He needs to win and continue his purpose Sunday afternoon.

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