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Comments from 2023 LatinoMVP Award Candidates: Esteury Ruiz

Esteury Ruiz, a finalist for the 2023 America League LatinoMVP Rookie award - Image Credit: Latino Sports

PHOENIX, ARIZONA — Previously this week, in Arizona, I had the chance to interview Esteury Ruiz, a young Oakland Athletics player, who made the ballot of the 34th Annual LatinoMVP awards – 2023 American League LatinoMVP Rookie category. We chatted for a good five-ten minutes, discussing the history and importance on the LatinoMVP Awards. Provided below is our interview with Esteury, along with the translation from Spanish-English.

LS: Esteury, now that you know a little of the history of the LatinoMVP awards what are your thoughts on these awards?

ER: First of all, good afternoon. I believe that is something that is very important. Something that has a 34-year career, something that satisfies me a lot knowing that I’m on that list. I want to thank all of those that gave me the support to be on that list.

LS: What do you think about an award that is exclusively for Latino players?

ER: That’s good, because how can I say this, we have something that is different. Something that is very important, just as we are Latinos, or American, it does not matter, it’s something that satisfies us in having that award.

LS: We want to congratulate you for being on the ballot. This award is very prestigious and considered by some the Latin Grammy of baseball. So just being on the ballot is a major achievement. However, if you were to win the award, the award is given in September during Hispanic Heritage Month. How would you feel receiving the award in your home stadium in Oakland front of your home fans?

ER: Well, if I have the opportunity to win it, I would be very proud to win the award, I would be very proud, and my family would also be proud.

LS: Again, congratulations and now I want to give you a gift that is only for the players that made the ballot.

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