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Comments from LatinoMVP Award Candidates for the 33rd Annual Awards – Carlos Rodón

Carlos Rodón with his Latino MVP T-Shirt - Image Credit: Latino Sports

TAMPA, FL– Latino Sports and MLB have been collaborating to interview many of this year’s candidates for the 2022 LatinoMVP ballot during Spring Training. In total there are 37 players, the most ever, and of course, being in two states Florida and Arizona, it was quite difficult to get all 37 of them. However, we did our best to interview as many as possible. The following interview is from Carlos Rodón, who was a previous winner – 2021 American League Latino MVP Pitcher Award.

Carlos Rodón receives his 2021 AL LatinoMVP pitcher award for 2021 from Latino Sports President, Julio Pabón. (Photo courtesy SF Giants)

We had a chance to catch up with him in Tampa this past weekend.

LS: First, congratulations for coming to New York City. Many fans are excited to have you playing in the South Bronx, New York.

Also, congratulations for once again being on the ballot for an award that you already know very well, the LatinoMVP as you were an award winner last year for your 2021 season. What are your thoughts for once again being nominated for this Latino baseball award, the Latino Grammy of baseball.

CR: (Laughing) Yeah, it was an honor last year to be able to win the award and represent the Hispanic and Latino community, the Cuban community.  I received it in San Francisco, I remember it was a rainy day. We didn’t get to do the presentation on the field, as you wished it, we did it in the dugout, but it was still an honor. And it’s an honor this year to be on the ballot even though there’s someone I have in mind that I think, and I know that if I had a vote, I would vote for myself and give him the award. I would say, “I would like you to have it because you were better than everybody else last year” I think you know this… 

(Rodón was alluding to Miami Marlins ace Sandy Alcántara, of Azua, Dominican Republic, who is also on the 33rd Annual LatinoMVP Award Ballot). 

LS: Yes, I know who you are referring to, be just to be on the ballot is awesome because you were acknowledged by many Latino sports reporters.

CR: Yes, the Latin culture has kind of taken over the game of baseball. There are a lot of my Hispanic counterparts as you know they’re superstars in this game. We can name numerous players as you know and as baseball fans know all around the world.

LS: Last time you were honored in San Francisco, and you won for the Chicago White Sox, if you win it this time you will be on the field in Yankee Stadium winning it for the San Francisco Giants. What are your thoughts on that?

CR: That would be interesting, wouldn’t it? Yeah, it would be cool, we will see.

LS: Last question, I must ask. Your thoughts on coming to New York?

CR: My experience well, New York is a little bigger market than San Francisco, but it’s still baseball so I know it well.  I’m excited, the ride we’re going to go on this year to be a part of a winning history with the New York Yankees. I’m excited to experience that with all my teammates.

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