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Comments from LatinoMVP Award Candidates for the 33rd Annual Awards – Jeremy Peña

Jeremy Peña: Candidate for 2022 American League Latino MVP Rookie Award - Image Credit: Latino Sports

MIAMI, FL– Covering the World Baseball Classic is one thing, but to try and get a one-on-one interview with a star player is another thing altogether. There is no access to the locker rooms so the only contact with the players is on the field during batting practice. Only the elite major sports news station like ESPN, or Fox Sports, and others have it easier where they can request and get any interview they want. So, for everyone else it is a test of your tenacity and skill to navigate through many other reporters chasing a player for an interview. We know that it is difficult to convince a player that is just focused on one thing, preparing themselves for a world stage game to give of his time.

Understanding this reality, we are grateful to players like Jeremy Peña who when asked if we can interview him, to ask about his thought on being a candidate for the prestigious 2022 LatinoMVP ballot, he did not hesitate to give of his time.

The following is our exclusive interview with Peña, a candidate for the 33rd LatinoMVP Awards. 

LS: How do you feel knowing that you are on the ballot as a candidate for the most prestigious award given to Latino baseball players in major league baseball, 33 years. It is considered the Latin Grammy of baseball you are on the ballot for the first time in the category of American League rookie.

JP: First, that’s an honor. It’s an honor when you could be in the same conversation as some of the other guys that are on the team.  You know we have a great group of guys we have a lot of talent in Latin America and a lot of talent in our small island, the Dominican Republic and to be considered in that conversation especially.

LS: What are your thoughts on getting an award that is specifically for Latino baseball players?

JP: I mean what can I say you know baseball is everything to us. Baseball to us is a way out, a way to move forward, a way to take care of your family. So yeah, being recognized is good.

LS: if you win that award, we’re going to be presenting the award during Hispanic Heritage Month. You should know that we don’t give trophies, or plaques that you probably have been receiving since you were in your crib. We award a Commission painting that when you see, it put a big smile on your face. Just the fact that you’re on that ballot, congratulations and we look forward to knowing that in the future because of the way you play you’re going to be winning a LatinoMVP.

JP: Thank you very much, I appreciate that, thank you.

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