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Comments from LatinoMVP Award Candidates for the 33rd Annual Awards – Luis Arráez

Luis Arráez - Image Credit: Latino Sports

MIAMI, FL– There are 37 players on this year’s ballot for the 2022 LatinoMVP Awards. Many of them are here, representing their countries in the 2023 World Baseball Classic. Today, I had a chance to speak to Luis Arráez, second baseman for the Miami Marlins, who is a finalist for the 2022 American League Latino MVP Award. Arráez, representing Venezuela, achieved the American League batting title this past season with the Minnesota Twins, then was traded to Miami during the offseason.

The following is our exclusive interview with Arráez, a candidate for the 33rd LatinoMVP Awards. 

LS: I would like to inform you that you are on the ballot for the prestigious LatinoMVP award that started in 1990 when we awarded, Puerto Rican Ruben Sierra for his 1989 season when many thought that he was overlooked for the American league MVP award. It has become the most prestigious award given to Latino baseball players. What are your thoughts on being selected as a candidate for this award?

LA: I am very happy. I never heard of the award, but if you are telling me then I am happy because I have been working very hard and always thanking God.

LS: What are you thoughts on have an award exclusively for Latino baseball players?

LA: I think that is great for us Latinos. I know we all work hard and do deserve many things and to be recognized by the Latino community is good.

LS: Many consider these awards the “Latin Grammy of Baseball” (laughing) so you can be proud and tell your friends that you were nominated for a Latin Grammy, in baseball.

LA: (Laughing) Any award that I win, I would say, “look I won an award,” so If I win this award I would be very happy.

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