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Comments from LatinoMVP Award Candidates for the 33rd Annual Awards – Martín Pérez

Martín Pérez - Image Credit: Latino Sports

MIAMI, FL– Martín Pérez was another of the 2022 LatinoMVP candidates that we were able to catch up with and interview in this very busy World Baseball Classic. There were several other news sources interviewing him yesterday, but to his credit he stayed and also granted us time for the following interview.

The following is our exclusive interview with Pérez, a candidate for the 33rd LatinoMVP Awards. 

LS: Martín, you were recently informed that you appear on the ballot as a candidate for the prestigious LatinoMVP awards, the oldest and most prestigious awards given to Latino baseball players. How do you feel about that?

MP:  I feel good. I mean it’s an honor for me to be part of that list of great players. Everything I do is for the fans and for my family. I always want to represent my country. It feels really good I mean I am proud to be a candidate for this award.

LS: The fact that this award is the oldest and considered the “Latin Grammy of baseball” if you win, or don’t you can always say that you were nominated for a Latino Grammy in baseball. It would be great to win it, but you also have other players there, so let’s see what will happen?

MP: Just to be on that list means a lot to me.

LS: What are your thoughts on the fact that there is an award that is exclusively for Latino baseball players?

MP: This is great, it’s an award representing all Latin American countries.

LS: If you win the award it will be awarded to you in your home stadium in front of your home fans. How would you feel about that?

MP: You guys are welcome to come and that would be great.

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