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Cora & Other Players Of Color Say “No To White House Visit”

Bill Menzel/Latino Sports

Bronx, NY: Alex Cora had won many hearts even from non-Red Sox fans when he first signed his managerial contract with the Red Sox and added one stipulation to his signing. He wanted the Red Sox to provide a plane for him to be able to take supplies to his home, Puerto Rico that was ravaged by Hurricane Maria.

Cora is a proud Boricua who has elevated his flag to new heights in baseball. (Photo courtesy of the Boston Globe)

He then received much appreciation from many of his fellow Boricua’s in Puerto Rico and the mainland for taking his team on his rookie year as manager to one of the best records in baseball and to the World Series. He became the first Puerto Rican to take a major league team to the World Series and also win it. If that was not enough to win over the hearts of many non-Red Sox Boricua fans, he then, while holding up the World Series trophy on stage before a live nationally and internationally televised audience stated that he wanted to also take the trophy to Puerto Rico so they too could appreciate the moment. You just got to love, or at least respect Cora whether you’re Puerto Rican, or not.

However, it gets better. On Sunday, Alex Cora spoke to his team and the Red Sox organization and explained to them that he will not be attending the White House invitation to meet with the President. He stated that he “doesn’t feel comfortable celebrating in the White House when so much work remains to be done in Puerto Rico after the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria.” If David “Big Papi” Ortiz was a catalyst to get many more Dominicans to wear a Red Sox hat in the middle of Yankee country, the South Bronx, don’t be surprised if you begin to see more Red Sox hats being worn by Puerto Rican’s because of Alex Cora.

In addition to Cora, several other players also announced that they will not be attending and those are: Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr., Rafael Devers, David Price, Hector Velásquez and Christian Vázquez.

We in Latino Sports congratulate professional athletes who dare come out of their comfort zone to take a position on issues that need to be addressed in our communities and country.

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