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Correa’s Instagram post is encouraging to Mets fans

Photo courtesy of Correa's Instagram post

Cabo Rojo, PR: While I’m here in Puerto Rico, my baseball heart is in New York and as many of my friends know, I’m a unique fan. I’ve had many debates with friends who would argue that I cannot be a Yankee and Mets fan. They insisted that I had to be one, or the other. I argued that as a lifelong New Yorker since the age of four, I loved all New York teams.

I have New York Mets, New York Yankees, NY Giants and Jets apparel and every time I wore one it would generate a debate with one of my friends. Our biggest debates occurred on our Latino Sports radio program, La Hora Deportiva on WVOX radio. My co-host was Ramón Jimenez who was a die hard Yankee fan. We would debate on the radio every time I mentioned something about the Mets, and he would try to pin me as a Mets fan. I would shoot back that, unlike him, I was a true New Yorker because I was both a Mets and Yankees fan. I argued they were both in different leagues, so I saw no contradiction. He would shoot back and say, “Julio, you can’t be with God and the Devil”. You must choose one. I would laugh and say, “who’s God and who is the Devil?”

All this to say that today, I, like many New York Mets fans, were somewhat encouraged by the Carlos Correa – NY Mets contract signing saga by the photo that Carlos posted on his Instagram page.

They say a photo is worth a thousand words, and if so, this photo says a lot.

The photo titled: “Going To Work With Daddy Today” shows Carlos holding his one-year-old son Kylo. His son is wearing an “I Love New York” baby t-shirt. In the photo, Correa is also holding a glove that looks like a third baseman’s glove. So, if a photo is indeed “worth a thousand words”, perhaps Carlos has told his Pitbull agent, Scott Boras to back off, that he is ready to accept the 12-year $315 million contract and play in the closest city to his homeland, Puerto Rico.

Image Credit: MLB/World Baseball Classic

New York with its sizable Puerto Rican population, second largest in the country and larger than any Puerto Rican city can only be benefiting this young Boricua from Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico who loves his homeland and will be playing with his fellow island natives, Francisco Lindor and Edwin Díaz.

I predict Carlos Javier Correa Oppenheimer Jr. will sign with the Mets and Latino Sports is ready to give him a Puerto Rican New York Welcome. Bienvenido Carlos a Nueva York!

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