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Designated Hitter: To Be, Or Not To Be?

While many of us Latinos and Seattle Mariners fans might be celebrating the fact that Designated Hitter, Edgar Martínez was finally voted into the “Cathedral of Baseball”, the Hall Of Fame, there are some who are not. Edgar was voted into the HOF this year in his last year of eligibility, his 10th year because many writers did not believe that a designated hitter is the same as a position player. Thus, Edgar will be the first of perhaps many more to come. As I had written in past articles, in Martinez’ defense, if writers don’t elect Edgar in this his last year of eligibility, they better get ready for serious criticism and fan outburst if they do not vote in, David “Big Papi” Ortiz when it’s his time for him to be considered in 2022.

There are some who still believe that designated hitters are one dimensional players. Others argue that the Designated Hitter rule changes the game from what traditional baseball was and should be.

There are rumblings by many sports, fans, players and baseball executives that there should be one set of rules for both leagues. So my question is: Should there be a Designated Hitter in both leagues, or no designated hitter in either league?

What’s your opinion?

The attached article from senior writer, Dan Schlossberg will give you much more detail on the issue of a designated hitter.

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