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Doc Gooden Setback Is His Latest Demon


New York: Sad To Know Doc Is Still Fighting A Battle

In this business of sports journalism you can take things to the heart. And from this perspective the news about Dwight Gooden arrested last month for cocaine possession and driving under the influence is very troubling.

Because “Doc” the iconic and former CY Young pitcher of the Mets, has developed a relationship with this writer, the news was difficult to take. We do talk often and also meet having some dinner from time-to-time in the press dining room at Citi Field.

Moments ago, yours truly reached Gooden on the phone, He immediately, as always, responded. But this time the conversation was brief. Obviously, my friend “Doc” Gooden is in trouble again and quietly is battling the demons that won’t disappear.

Gooden could not speak about the situation and that is obvious with legal representation. However, there was that sense he was not right. Those demons of substance abuse that have disrupted his life and induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame will not go away.

And this latest setback, as much as Dwight Gooden is in denial, really hurt. It has an impact on those who love and care for him, and that includes this writer.

A few weeks back, in that Citi Field dining room, Gooden and this writer discussed arranging more pitching clinics for youngsters in the New York area with local Little Leagues and some not far from his residence in New Jersey.

Last year, Gooden, 54-years old, the 1985 National League Cy Young Award winner with the Mets, conducted a baseball clinic with former Yankee Willie Randolph at the Bronx based Baseball Training Institute.

Then, as it always appears, Gooden was focused on baseball and his life. But this latest setback, his arrest in Monmouth County, New Jersey does put on spin on things.

Dwight Gooden remains troubled and quietly tried to use his post baseball career as an outlet to avoid the demons. His quiet and good guy demeanor is noticed. The demons will not go away and that is the sad story to all of this.

We at Latino Sports wish Dwight Gooden the best. To his family and friends, we can only hope that baseball is what he is remembered for and not the continued battles with drug addiction.


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