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Dodgers vs Giants: Never Ending Rivalry

The beginning of a 133 year old rivalry/Photo from Inside the Park Collectibles ad.

Los Angeles, California. Every sport has rivalries. For baseball it is the Giants vs Dodgers rivalry that is not only the best but the longest. One that has continued for over 133 years from when they first met in New York for the 1889 World Series. In 1890, the Dodgers entered the NL and the rivalry was officially underway.

Both teams moving to the West Coast has not changed a thing for fans or either of these storied franchises. You can feel it in the air just walking into Dodger Stadium or Oracle Park in San Francisco whenever they play each other. The fans feel it, the players feel it the people who work in the ballpark feel it. The oldest MLB rivalry in baseball gives you a feeling that something special is going to happen every time these two teams meet.

The Dodgers have another rivalry with the New York Yankees after having met 11 times in the World Series, more times than any other pair of teams in baseball. But the longevity of the Giants-Dodgers duels throughout the years, continues to live on with new players as well as fans.

This tradition is such a good thing for baseball and its fans. The friendly banter between those who either attend one of these games or talk their trash at a BBQ or family get together, is what we as people need to take us away from the madness of the every day world we live in.

They have met over 2,500 times and still nothing has changed. The score still matters. Who wins matters. But the the anticipation of the two teams playing each other anytime of the season is exhilarating. It is the elixir that gets fans juices flowing.

Who won tonight? The fans


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