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Does Signing A Player To A Mega Deal Guarantee A WS?

Carlos Correa, $350 million dollar man HOF bound?/ Latino Sports

Los Angeles, California– Question: Does getting a mega million dollar, multi year contract mean that this player is a sure shot to be inducted into the HOF in Cooperstown? What I am asking here is, will he be playing at a level for multiple years that puts him in the same class as say Tony Gwynn, Ted Williams, Juan Marichal, Willy Mays, Sandy Koufax, Roberto Clemente, Babe Ruth or many of the other true Hall of Fame greats?

Just what are the owners and the fans getting for all that money? I know there will be a honeymoon period for the fans who will flock to the ballpark to see this player. They will spend lots of money on that players jersey and other things with his name attached to it. So the owners will eventuality get their moneys worth over a number of years. But what about the fans? Guess where the owner gets the money to pay for this player? Yes they are rich but do you really think an owner is spending his own money?

How long will it take before the Giant’s fans tire of Carlos Correa when they have not even gotten to a world series after 5 years? At that point they will still have him in a Giants uniform for 8 more years and will still owe him another $215,384,615.38. Plus all the chocolate he can eat at “Trish’s Chocolate “ on Fisherman Wharf.

Look up as many big money signings in the past 15 years that have helped their team win a World Series. You will find that only Alex Rodriguez, Yankees: 10 years, $275 million (2008-17), helped the Yankees win it all in 2009.

Spending lots of money on a star player is normal for owners. It is always their preferred choice to build a winning team. They are business people who spend money to make money. They see things differently from true baseball people. Baseball lifers that have a passion and incredible knowledge of the game. The ones who can evaluate players from amateur through the minors and use their eyes, instinct and intuition to see how to build a winning franchise. Those days are gone now as everyone including fans are looking for a quick fix.

The game is all about the money. Stats don’t matter. Building a dynasty doesn’t matter. 300 wins don’t matter nor does a 20 game winner. It is all about the anticipation of the next free agent and who he will sign a contract with. A contract that we all want to see brake the last record of the biggest in years and amount.

Anyone in baseball who tells you that it is about winning a WS is about to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. Player development and building from within is how you win a World Series. Look at the Braves and the Astros. They have developed young players who have given them no name depth that is needed to win a championship.

Will they have a player who will one day be enshrined in Cooperstown? Who cares? Fans want to see a parade in their city in October. Looking for a quick fix is like playing black jack in Vegas.

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