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Dominican prospect signs with a $1.7 million bonus, but does not forget where he was born: “I have a lot of love for Puerto Rico”

Yasser Mercedes is a 17 year old born in Puerto Rico where he spent his early years on the island before moving to the Dominican Republic. He then moved to New York and at the age of eight returned to the Dominican Republic to live with his dad. Since his early childhood he loved baseball and his idol was Alex Rodríguez. By the age of thirteen he showed strong baseball abilities and began to heed the advise of many coaches who told him that he had a great potential in baseball if he focused and worked hard.

His focus and determination paid off as he has developed into a good five tool player and was signed by the Minnesota Twins with a $1.7 million dollar bonus.

After signing his contract with the Twins he was interviewed by a local reporter and spoke about his trajectory and  about his fond memories of Puerto Rico.




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