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Dominican Republic 2021 Caribbean Series Champs

MAZATLÁN/South Bronx – In the end, MLB’s great stars Robinson Canó and Yadier Molina embraced an emotional congratulatory hug, as the Dominican Republic had conquered the Caribbean Series title by defeating Puerto Rico 4-1 on Saturday night.

Cano might be suspended from MLB, but he still has achieved his dream playing in 3 major Championships. (Photo Latino Sports)

Canó played a Caribbean Series for the first time, and after winning the World Classic and the Major League Baseball World Series in years past, he added one more crown to his record.

“Another great achievement for the Dominican team, we achieved it in the Clásico (World Cup), for me a great honor, a pride to be able to be in another thanks to God, it is something that I really cannot describe,” Canó said during the celebration. .

“What more can I ask of God,” he added about having World Series and Caribbean Series titles in his first appearance.

The Águilas Cibaeñas gave the 21st crown to the Dominican Republic by defeating the Puerto Rican Criollos team at the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium, in a tense match that was decided in the second half and that closed the 2021 Mazatlán Caribbean Series.

The MVP of the event was Dominican outfielder Juan Lagares, who drove in one run in the Final and added eight in the series, in which he hit a pair of home runs.

“Super happy, thank God, tremendous victory, we completed our work,” he highlighted about being the first team to win the Latin American Small World Series championship with an undefeated record of 7-0, which gives the Dominican Republic the two-time championship.

Manager Félix Fermín also made history by reaffirming himself as the helmsman with the most championships by reaching four. He set the record for the most wins by reaching 28 and is also the first to lead a team to the title with a 7-0 record.

“It is not easy to achieve these achievements,” Fermín said. “Blessed by God, I have remained healthy and the truth is that I had a great team,” he added.

Next year, the Dominican Republic will defend the crown and will have the opportunity to seek the three-time championship in their own country, as they will be the host of the 2021 Caribbean Series.

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