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Easter Day victory for an aggressive Mets team

Mets prove they are an aggressive playing team this season. (Photo courtesy of

Flushing, Queens: The temperature was not as pleasant and as beautiful as it was on sunny and warm opening day, but just like opening day the Mets won this Easter day game. They did not win by a blowout like they did on opening day, but by half the score of 5-0.

Game time temperature was in the 40’s and with a wind chill of 24 MPR it felt more like football weather rather than spring baseball weather. The majority of the loyal 24,515 fans that braved the weather to watch what many believe will be a great Mets season were not disappointed. They wore their hoods, gloves, ski caps, jackets, and scarfs whatever extra clothing they needed to battle the cold, but faithful fans do that to cheer on their team.

In a post game interview Alonzo was asked about the cold weather. He stated, “Obviously it was a little more difficult because of the cold conditions. But I had to move around — stay active and keep moving around, because if I were to just sit around and hang out, that wouldn’t be too good. I would be going up there cold. For me, I tried to stay hot, stay active, find the sun [and] stay as engaged in the game as possible.”

The cold weather did stop the Mets from disappointing their fans. It was an exciting shutout game that had a bit of everything fans want to see from their home team, solid pitching allowing only five hits, aggressive baserunning, and a two-run homerun by Pete Alonzo.

David Peterson started it with pitching 4 1/3 innings without allowing a run. It was his first start since June 30, 2021. He replaced Taijuan Walker, who is on the injured list because of shoulder problems. Edwin Díaz ended the game in style by striking out the last Diamondbacks batter.

This Mets team under new manager, Buck Showalter is proving to be a very aggressive team and the Mets fan are feeling it as the Mets start the season 7 and 3.

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