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EDITORIAL: It’s Time For Pay Parity For Women’s Soccer Team.

Cleveland, OH: I really did not mind yesterday waiting several hours in New York’s LaGuardia airport for my delayed flight to Cleveland to cover the All-Star weekend.  The reason,  I was able to watch the entire USA women’s final championship game on my phone.

I had been following the USA women’s team since the beginning of the FIFA world tournament because I love watching competitive sports and the fact is that their games were exciting to watch. Apparently, I am just one of millions of other fans, both men and women, young and seniors that were following these games because of the USA women’s team. The team had all of the ingredients for any sports fan to follow. They also had some political, gender and other outspoken themes that were well expressed by some of their players. I respect athletes that do not hide behind their sports fame to remain quiet to social and political inequalities. Thus, this USA Women’s Soccer team had a little of everything.

That’s why while I was watching on my phone in the airport I had many other passengers who would constantly ask me the score and some sitting near me to watch a bit of the game from my phone. This all proves, as well as all of the headlines around the world that these young women are as popular as any other sports team in America. So my question is, why are these women paid far less than their male counterparts in soccer?

The fact that each woman will receive approximately two hundred thousand dollars for their performance and victory and though some might think that this is a good amount, one has to agree that this is not fair when by comparison the men’s soccer team receive over one million dollars for each player. This is absolutely NOT FAIR, therefore, I and Latino Sports join our voices to the countless other’s that insist that this pay inequality must be addressed and that these women receive equal pay for their remarkable achievements.

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