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First World Cup HUGE Upset. Saudi Arabia 2 Argentina 1

Picture credit: Hannah McKay/Reuters

This was not supposed to happen. Argentina, one of the top soccer teams in the planet, Argentina was not supposed to lose to Saudi Arabia considered less than a top competitive team in the world scale.

This was supposed to be Lionel Messi’s year in the world cup, but just as in the baseball post season, this must be the year of the underdog.

The win was so celebrated in Saudi Arabia that the government declared a national holiday tomorrow (Wednesday) closing all schools, and all businesses. In addition, the government gave each player of the winning Saudi team a gift of one million dollars.

The win was celebrated by the Arab and Muslim community around the world. From India to Syria to Africa, Muslims celebrated this unbelievable win. In the South Bronx, our corner Deli owned by Muslims from Yemen were not charging other Muslims for lunch sandwiches.

Read the comments circulating on social media in this NY Times link:

Biggest upset in World Cup history?

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