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From Juan Evangelista Venegas to Mónica Puig: this is the story of the nine Olympic medalists from Puerto Rico

El peleador riopedrense Juan Evangelista Venegas conquistó la primera medalla olímpica en la historia de Puerto Rico al vencer al español Álvaro Vicente Domenech en la división de los 54 kilogramos en el boxeo. (GFR MEdia)

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In the second episode of the series “Olimpismo Boricua”, we relive these great victories of our athletes on the highest stage of sports.

In 2016, Mónica Puig achieved the greatest achievement in the history of Puerto Rican sports: she won the gold medal in the tennis singles tournament of the Rio Olympic Games.

For the first time, La Borinqueña sounded on the highest stage of sports. It was a triumph that resonated with all Puerto Ricans, no matter where they were. Puig’s gold, the island’s ninth historic medal at the Games, was the highlight of our journey at the Olympics.

To remember the feat of Puig, and the other eight athletes who made it to the Olympic podium, El Nuevo Día presents the second episode of its special podcast series “Olimpismo Boricua”. In this episode, we review the Olympic medal table of Puerto Rico, one that began at the London 1948 Games with a bronze from Juan Evangelista Venegas and which had other great moments, such as the medals of Jaime Espinal and Javier Culson in 2012.

The production of this episode featured interviews with Puig herself and with the former president of the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee (Copur), David Bernier.

The series “Olimpismo Boricua” consists of four episodes and is narrated by the editor of Deportes El Nuevo Día, Esteban Pagán Rivera. It featured the reporting and production of journalists Víctor Emanuelle Ramos and María Soledad Dávila.

The four episodes will be published one per day, Monday through Thursday, as a special series under the Tiempo Extra El Nuevo Día podcast. It is available on all podcast platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcast and Podbean.


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