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Gio González Reflects About MVP Award As Baseball Stays on Pause

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New York: Gio González is not accustomed to being home with family this time of year. He sits by his pool and does some workouts at what he calls his “Mancave” down in Hialeah Florida.

Signed by the Chicago White Sox to a one-year deal, with an option, Gonzalez, a MVP recipient in the 2017 Latino Sports NL pitcher category, is going day-by-day.

He awaits word if there will be a 2020 Major League Baseball season as the Coronavirus pandemic continues. It also buys him more time to recover from a dead arm issue that could have caused a delay to his season.

Baseball may be on hold for now. The suggestions and talks about an abbreviated season, and where the games would be played is all a matter of talk and nothing is set in stone.

“Right now it’s making sure me and my family are safe,” Gonzalez said Wednesday afternoon.

With baseball on this unexpected hiatus, this gives us all a time to reflect on the Latino Sports MVP awards. The awards have become a tradition over the years and the 2019 recipients will be honored.

They will not be honored at the ballpark due to the circumstances. But the tradition will continue with the support of MLB and the various clubs that the player represents for their accomplishments in 2019.

Gonzalez provided a few thoughts about his 2017 award and a season with the Washington Nationals. Then, he finished sixth in the NL Cy Young Award balloting with a 15-9 record and 2.96 ERA.

“Being Latino, one of the few in the game at the time who had an impact in 2017,” he said. “More for me, it was a sign of a fighter coming back. An underdog story bounce back for me.”

The year before, González struggled with the Nationals with a 11-11 record and 4.57 ERA. The control and command was not there for the left hander.

González said, “I was going into the dark.”

Now, the two-time All-Star, of Cuban descent, looks at the 2017 award that is evident in his mancave. The portrait is near his Warren Spahn Award of 2012 off a season of leading the NL in wins.

That day, in 2019 at Citi Field, where he was presented the award, is also remembered when he views the portrait.

“I remember the photographers that day on the field,” he said. “The painting that was given was beautiful. It really captured and still does. That award gave life back into my career. The confidence. Just the love and respect from the Latino community.

He said, “I needed that bounce back and appreciation.”

And in a nutshell the recognition and appreciation is what this award has signified. Players come and go and many don’t receive their honor through other awards that are granted

LatinoSports has continued this tradition to award players through a proper and honest voting process of established media that cover a good amount of games during the season.

In the meantime, GIo González is buying more time as the days go by and he recuperates. MLB, as of Wednesday, sent their latest proposal to players with a plan to start the 2020 season. The details are not known to a proposed and revised July 1 start.

All of that is contingent on proper testing of COVID-19. Players, staff, and personnel have to be assured that safety is in place.

And for Gio González, it’s a waiting game, though he never has to wait and reflect on a prestigious Latino Sports MVP award that will always be in the proud possession at his mancave,


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1 Comment

  1. Julio Pabón

    May 8, 2020 at 3:39 pm

    Excellent article.

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