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Gleyber Torres Happy To Receive His LatinoMVP Award

Gleyber was very happy to receive this art piece by James Fiorentino. (Photo NY Yankees)

South Bronx, NY: Yesterday we were informed by the New York Yankees media director, Jason Zillo that Gleyber Torres received his 2019 American League LatinoMVP awards. Torres is the first of the eight 2019 LatinoMVP recipients to have received his award. It’s no coincidence Torres was the first to receive his awards especially since Yankee stadium is a few blocks from our office.

Cleyber holding up his 2019 LatinoMVP caricature. Photo courtesy NY Yankees)

This is the first time in thirty years of giving these prestigious awards that we have to give them remotely. For the last 3o years we have always given the awards in person. We have usually organized award luncheons, other times we have collaborated with the team to give the award in a pre-game ceremony. Many of the teams liked to give the award during the month of September for Hispanic Heritage Month. When none of the other options were available, we would informally meet up with the player where we would conduct an interview and give the award.

Gleyber was quite impressed with the awards. Our awards are not a trophy, or plaque. They are a one of a kind watercolor painting by renowned artist, James Fiorentino and a caricature by renowned illustrator, John Pennisi. The excitement was all over Torres’ face all smiles as he held up his awards. he sent the following statement,  “Many thanks to Latino Sports for the recognition and support. I will continue to work hard so that I have the opportunity to win another award in the future.”

We want to thank MLB and the media directors from each winning players team for their support to get the awards out to the players and help bring some smiles to the players, their families and fans during this very difficult baseball season.



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