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Today is Father’s Day. Now being a father, a grandfather, and a great grandfather, I look back at the many father’s days that I have had and those that I have celebrated with my dad. The truth is that I really can’t remember the many years that I was gifted with socks, ties, tee shirts and underwear.

Never did I receive any flowers, which I learned from our colleague guest writer, Juan Vene that Father’s Day is the day where the least amount of flowers are sold. I believe that is unfair as I like flowers and many times while single, I had bought flowers for myself to decorate my home, but that is another story for another day.

My story today is that one of the most memorable father’s days that I have had with my dad which I still remember, was my father and I attending our first game together at Yankee stadium. It was a Sunday, and the Yankees gave a wooden bat to all attending children. I don’t remember who the Yankees played, or what was the score, all I remember how happy I was to receive a bat and one of the rare occasions that my father and I were spending some quality time on something that we both liked. I was so proud when I returned home to Cauldwell Avenue after the game with a bat from Yankee stadium. I was the proud kid with a bat that few others had, and I still remember the smile that my father had attending his first game at Yankee stadium.

My second most memorable Father’s Day was approximately fifteen years ago when my son, Julio Antonio asked me what I would like, or what I would like to do on Father’s Day. I told him I did not need anything, but that I would like to go bike riding. We had two bikes and we rode the entire length of the West Side Highway bike and joggers trail from the Washington Bridge down to Chelsea Piers and back. We stopped at a place in Harlem to have lunch and we also stopped at another place downtown to have a drink. That was another Father’s Day that I still remember.

That is why today I want to wish all fathers a happy Father’s Day and encourage you all to do something different. It’s not just about buying a gift. Do something memorable, something that you will both remember for the rest of your lives.


In my previous article on Father’s Day appearing here titled, “Tomorrow is Father’s Day. Here is one present you might consider.” I mentioned the upcoming trip in July to Cooperstown, NY for the induction ceremony of Minnie Minoso, David “Big Papi” Ortíz and Tony Oliva.

I suggested, that would be one hell of a Father’s Day gift, or a father giving that as a gift for his children as from my own experience I know that will be a gift that neither would ever forget.

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