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History of LatinoMVP Award Winners 1990 – 2019 – Who Were They?

Bronx, NY: Latino Sports has been working hard to promote our 30th Annual LatinoMVP awards this baseball season that is really a no baseball season. Since we love baseball we are doing everything we could to keep the baseball spirit alive. As such, our awards are a blessing since we always award them the succeeding season. Therefore, this season we award the players for the 2019 season and those winners have already been announced and posted on the site (see LatinoMVP 2019 ). However, we have been receiving requests from readers who want to know who were the past winners? The list below will give you the winners of the LatinoMVP winners. These are the main winners the best all around player. The winners of the other categories: LatinoMVP Pitcher, LatinoMVP Reliever/Closer/LatinoMVP Rookie are not on this list.

History of LatinoMVP Award Winners

89- Ruben Sierra

90- Bobby Bonilla

91- Julio Franco

92-Carlos Baerga

93-Juan González

94-Moises Alou

95-Edgar Martínez

96-Juan Gonzalez

97-Pedro Martinez

98-Sammy Sosa & Juan González

99-Ivan Rodriguez

2000-Carlos Delgado & Edgardo Alfonso

2001-Roberto Alomar & Luis González

2002- Alfonso Soriano & Vladimir Guerrero

2003- Albert Pujols/Ivan Rodríguez NL (Tie) & Alex Rodríguez AL

2004 – Albert Pujols NL & Vladimir Guerrero AL

2005 – Albert Pujols NL & David Ortiz AL

2006 – Albert Pujols NL & David Ortiz AL

2007 – Albert Pujols NL & Magglio Ordoñez AL

2008 – Albert Pujols NL & Alex Rodríguez AL

2009 – Albert Pujols NL & Miguel Cabrera AL

2010 – Albert Pujols NL & Robinson Cano AL

2011- Robinson Cano AL

2012 – Adrian González AL & Yadier Molina

2013 – Marco Scutaro NL & Miguel Cabrera

2014 – Giancarlo Stanton NL & Miguel Cabrera AL

2015 – Yoenis Cespedes NL & Miguel Cabrera AL

2016 – Javier Báez NL & Francisco Lindor AL

2017 – Nolan Arenado NL & José Altuve AL

2018 – Javier Báez NL & JD Martínez AL

2019 – Antony Rendón NL & Gleybar Torres, Al

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