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Out of nowhere a ball which can represent any sport, moves fast through space. it’s moving so fast that it leaves a trail like a comet. This is the Latino sports logo which is indicative of the Latino community. A community that is increasingly becoming a force throughout many areas of the country. 

We thank you for visiting our site as we know that our numbers can only generate economic and cultural empowerment when we support, when we patronize and unite with our community at all levels.

Our History:

Our history is very interesting. it will make a good story for a future book which our president and founder Julio is contemplating. In the interim the following is a short synopsis of the history of Latino sports. You can also hear Julio speaking about the history of Latino Sports in the video that appears under the “Founder” tab in “About Us.” 

In 1990, Latino sports was formed to fill the void which existed in the Latino community regarding promotions and marketing sports personalities and products. This became evident to Mr. Pabón in January of 1990 while on vacation trip to Puerto Rico where he learned of the incident which involved Mr. Ruben Sierra of the Texas Rangers who according to many baseball enthusiasts, including some national sports publications and writers, should have been the 1989 American League Most Valuable Player.

Mr. Pabón recognized that Latino players, no matter how good they played we’re being overlooked in the media. Mr. Pabón who had spent almost all his life in the South Bronx had many experiences with “oversights” and many areas affecting the Latino community. He personally was affected when he noticed that his nine-year-old son would hardly mention a Latino player when he would play baseball with his father, he would mention NY Yankee stars like, Don Mattingly, Dave Winfield, and others but never a Latino. As a result, Mr. Pabón took it upon himself to organize a tribute for Mr. Sierra in Yankee Stadium understanding that the Latino community could not afford to wait for others to identify its role models, as a result Latino sports was born. 

Latino sports is a multi-faceted sports promotion and marketing company committed to bridging the gap between Latino sports personalities goods and services and the Latino community. We believe that the Latino community, particularly its youth are in dire need of positive role models and icons that can generate a sense of pride and high esteem. Unfortunately, Latino youth are exposed to the overwhelming consumer generated marketing of companies which primarily targets the African American and Anglo communities. This powerful marketing subliminally sends out a message of lack of achievement and creates a serious void in the Latino communities. Latino Sports is committed to filling this void with goods and services while simultaneously sending out a clear message of hope and pride to every Latino and non-Latino youth. 

Our Mission 

Our mission is to become a leading Latino enterprise in the world of sports by providing a high degree of excellence in reporting, informing, and enlightening on the participation of Latinos in sports. We also commit to providing high quality products and services that will enhance pride while fostering economic growth.



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